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D. melanogaster
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A set of transgenic RNAi constructs for expression of dsRNA under UAS control, TRiP first generation (pVALIUM10).

    Collection of stocks carrying UAS-RNAi transgenes, each designed to target a single protein-coding gene; use a targeted insertion site.

    A collection of first generation of UAS-driven long RNAi hairpin constructs cloned into derivatives of the VALIUM vector (Vermilion-AttB-Loxp-Intron-UAS-MCS) and targeted into the genome by the phiC31-mediated integration.

    NOTE: Dataset members correspond to the amplicon sequence features; these can be used to retrieve associated constructs and stocks.

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    The approach used by the TRiP is to generate transgenic animals with an RNAi hairpin under UAS-GAL4 control. The hairpin-containing transgenes are inserted via site-specific recombination into genomic loci known to be optimal for expression. This specific collection was constructed in the pVALIUM10 vector and inserted into the P{CaryP}attP2 target element.

    Primers for hairpin constructs were designed using the DRSC amplicon design tool SnapDragon ( First, regions of 400-600bp that are free of EcoRI and XbaI restriction sites, and free of 19bp predicted off-target sites. If this was not possible, then regions without 20 or 21 bp matches to other genes were used. Primers were used to PCR amplify target DNA. Double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) hairpin constructs were cloned into the VALIUM10 vector, which allows for phiC31 targeted integration into the genome and Gal4-UAS inducible expression. Targeted transgene integration reduces the variability in hairpin expression resulting from random transgene integration.

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    "TRiP" stands for Transgenic RNAi Project

    A critical feature of TRiP-1 (VALIUM10-based) constructs, compared to TRiP-2 (VALIUM1-based) constructs, is the presence of gypsy insulator sequences that boost dramatically the level of knockdown.

    Many of the TRiP RNAi and sgRNA stocks generated at Harvard Medical School (HMS lines) and Tsinghua University (HMC lines), but not stocks generated at the National Institute of Genetics in Japan (HMJ lines), contain the sev21 allele as a result of introducing a mutated X chromosome from Bloomington stock 35781 (FBst0035781) or 32261 (FBst0032261) as the transgenes were being established in stock.

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    [TRiP Approach - 1st generation](

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    dsRNAs expressed from VALIUM10
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    A set of transgenic RNAi constructs for expression of dsRNA under UAS control, TRiP first generation (pVALIUM10).
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