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Jurgens, G., Wieschaus, E., Nusslein-Volhard, C., Kluding, H. (1984). Mutations affecting the pattern of the larval cuticle in Drosophila melanogaster. II. Zygotic loci on the third chromosome. Wilhelm Roux Arch. Dev. Biol. 193(): 283--295.
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The present report describes the recovery and genetic characterization of mutant alleles at zygotic loci on the third chromosome ofDrosophila melanogaster which alter the morphology of the larval cuticle. We derived 12600 single lines from ethyl methane sulfonate (EMS)-treatedst e orrucuca chromosomes and assayed them for embryonic lethal mutations by estimating hatch rates of egg collections. About 7100 of these lines yielded at least a quarter of unhatched eggs and were then scored for embryonic phenotypes. Through microscopic examination of unhatched eggs 1772 lines corresponding to 24% of all lethal hits were classified as embryonic lethal. In 198 lines (2.7% of all lethal hits), mutant embryos showed distinct abnormalities of the larval cuticle. These embryonic visible mutants define 45 loci by complementation analysis. For 32 loci, more than one mutant allele was recovered, with an average of 5.8 alleles per locus. Complementation of all other mutants was shown by 13 mutants. The genes were localized on the genetic map by recombination analysis, as well as cytologically by complementation analysis with deficiencies. They appear to be randomly distributed along the chromosome. Allele frequencies and comparisons with deficiency phenotypes indicate that the 45 loci represent most, if not all, zygotic loci on the third chromosome, where lack of function recognizably affects the morphology of the larval cuticle.

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