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Voelker, R.A., Huang, S.M., Wisely, G.B., Sterling, J.F., Bainbridge, S.P., Hiraizumi, K. (1989). Molecular and genetic organization of the suppressor of sable and Minute(1)1B region in Drosophila melanogaster.  Genetics 122: 625--642.
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Recessive mutations at the suppressor of sable [su(s)] locus in Drosophila melanogaster result in suppression of second site mutations caused by insertions of the mobile element 412. In order to determine whether su(s) mutations might have other phenotypes, a saturation mapping of the su(s) region was carried out. The screen yielded 76 mutations that comprise ten genetic complementation groups ordered distal to proximal as follows: l(1)1Bh, l(1)1Bi, M(1)1B, su(s), l(1)1Bk, l(1)1Ca, mul, tw, l(1)lDa and brc. Twenty-three of the mutations are su(s) alleles, and all are suppressors of the 412-insertion-caused v1 allele. Although the screen could have detected su(s) mutations causing sex-specific dominant lethality or sterility as well as all types of recessive lethality or sterility, the only other phenotype observed was male sterility that is enhanced by cold temperature. This type of sterility is exhibited only by alleles induced by base-substitution-causing mutagens. Genetic functions of the poly(A+) messages transcribed from the su(s) microregion were identified by the reintroduction of cloned sequences into embryos by P element transformation. su(s) function has been attributed to a 5-kb message. The segment of DNA encoding only this 5-kb message rescues both the suppression and cold-sensitive male sterility phenotypes of su(s). Minute (1) 1B has been provisionally identified as encoding a 3.5-kb message; lethal (1)1Bi encodes a 1-kb message; and lethal (1)1Bk encodes a 4-kb message. The possible functions of su(s) and M(1)1B are discussed.

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PMC1203736 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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