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Klein, T., Campos-Ortega, J.A. (1992). Second-site modifiers of the Delta wing phenotype in Drosophila melanogaster.  Rouxs Arch. Dev. Biol. 202(1): 49--60.
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We have screened for dominant enhancers and suppressors of the wing phenotype associated with two Delta alleles: Dl (9P39), an amorphic allele, and Dl (FE32), an antimorphic allele. The interactions of some of the modifiers with Delta are due to haplo-insufficient expression of the corresponding genes. Although not explicitly shown for the remaining cases, we assume that haploin-sufficiency is also the basis for the relationships of these genes to Delta, since no allele specific interactions were observed. The modifiers found define 22 genes with pleiotropic expression, which can be classified into two groups: genes required for wing vein pattern formation and for neurogenesis, and genes which are not required for neurogenesis. Among the genes of the first group, Hairless and Star were previously known to participate in neural development. One further modifier was found which may correspond to a new neurogenic gene. The second group of genes is larger and includes already known loci, e.g., Plexate, blistered, plexus, etc, as well as other previously unidentified genes, which function during wing morphogenesis.

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