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Subramaniam, V., Bomze, H.M., Lopez, A.J. (1994). Functional differences between Ultrabithorax protein isoforms in Drosophila melanogaster: evidence from elimination, substitution and ectopic expression of specific isoforms.  Genetics 136(3): 979--991.
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Research paper

The homeotic selector gene Ultrabithorax (Ubx) specifies regional identities in multiple tissues within the thorax and abdomen of Drosophila melanogaster. Ubx encodes a family of six developmentally specific homeodomain protein isoforms translated from alternatively spliced mRNAs. The mutant allele Ubx195 contains a stop codon in exon mII, one of three differential elements, and consequently produces functional UBX protein only from mRNAs of type IVa and IVb, which are expressed mainly in the central nervous system. Although it retains activity for other processes, Ubx195 behaves like a null allele with respect to development of the peripheral nervous system, indicating that UBX-IVa and IVb alone do not contribute detectable Ubx function for this tissue. The mutant allele UbxMX17 contains an inversion of exon mII. We find that this allele only produces mRNAs of type IVa, but the expression pattern of the resulting UBX-IVa protein is indistinguishable from that of total UBX protein expression in wild-type embryos. The phenotype of homozygous UbxMX17 embryos indicates that UBX-IVa cannot substitute functionally for other isoforms to promote normal development of the peripheral nervous system. This functional limitation is confirmed by a detailed analysis of the peripheral nervous system in embryos that express specific UBX isoforms ectopically under control of a heat shock promoter. Additional observations suggest that UBX isoforms also differ in their ability to function in other tissues.

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PMC1205901 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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