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Beaton, A. (1999.12.12). Alleles of the lines in the P-element paper. 
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>From abeaton@XXXX Fri Nov 12  01:40:49  1999
Envelope-to: ag24@XXXX
Delivery-date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999  01:40:49  +0000
Mime-Version: 1.0
X-mailer: Eudora Pro 2.1.4
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999  18:49:35  -0700
To: Aubrey de Grey <ag24@XXXX>
From: abeaton@XXXX (Amy Beaton)
Subject: Re: Fwd: Re: Action Items Progress Report
I do have the files that list the alleles of the lines in the P-element
fs(2)01313 2 l(2)k10816
fs(2)01355 3 fs(2)06890, fs(2)04506
fs(2)06034 7 fs(2)04701, fs(2)04144, fs(2)01460, fs(2)04701, fs(2)05812, fs(2)02257
fs(2)06843 2 fs(2)P-1
fs(2)j13b6 4 fs(2)02403, fs(2)00115, fs(2)08109
l(2)00232 11 l(2)03101, l(2)06872, l(2)k00809, l(2)k05519, l(2)k05527, l(2)k05640, l(2)k05814, l(2)k09232, l(2)k05640, l(2)k10415
l(2)00255 20 l(2)01550, l(2)02687, l(2)03504, l(2)05479, l(2)06475, l(2)06903, l(2)07209, l(2)07692, l(2)k02603, l(2)k06713, l(2)k08813, l(2)k09018, l(2)k14715, l(2)k16604, l(2)rH541, l(2)rI043, l(2)rI482, l(2)rK499, l(2)k00612
l(2)00632 2 l(2)k05431
l(2)00642 24 l(2)00349, l(2)00482, l(2)03078, l(2)06218, l(2)06503, l(2)06686, l(2)06807, l(2)07046, l(2)k09901, l(2)10435, l(2)k00801, l(2)k01012, l(2)k02708, l(2)k03001, l(2)k03109, l(2)k03314, l(2)k07402, l(2)k10214, l(2)k11603, l(2)rE028, l(2)rH268, l(2)s3697, l(2)03089, l(2)09972
l(2)00681 10 l(2)01901, l(2)k06619, l(2)05282, l(2)k00115, l(2)k00812, l(2)k01106, l(2)k11904, l(2)k14904, l(2)k03617
l(2)00895 2 l(2)k05826
l(2)01068 6 l(2)07132, l(2)10681, l(2)k05808, l(2)s3547, fs(2)00233
l(2)01085 2 l(2)k14703
l(2)01094 9 l(2)07112, l(2)k02002, l(2)k02102a, l(2)k03404, l(2)k05311, l(2)k10314, l(2)k16705, l(2)rH623
l(2)01209 13 l(2)k00236, l(2)k09511, l(2)01018, l(2)01158, l(2)01864, l(2)06072, l(2)07776, l(2)k13802, l(2)k07138, l(2)k01701, l(2)k16502, l(2)k16721
l(2)01265 7 l(2)03255, l(2)04531, l(2)k00308, l(2)k10117, l(2)k13302, l(2)k14615
l(2)01270 5 l(2)k01108, l(2)02278, l(2)k05915, l(2)k12913
l(2)01272 13 l(2)06353, l(2)07162, l(2)k00228, l(2)k00804, l(2)k06108, l(2)k08008, l(2)k08918, l(2)k16718, l(2)rM692, l(2)rN167, l(2)s4402, l(2)01242
l(2)01275 8 l(2)04829, l(2)k06102, l(2)k07507, l(2)k10501, l(2)k17014, l(2)k07303, l(2)k17014
l(2)01288 2 l(2)k17029
l(2)01289 2 l(2)07769
l(2)01296 2 l(2)10530
l(2)01349 2 l(2)k09919
l(2)01351 6 l(2)k15101, l(2)02347, l(2)k00810, l(2)k08502, l(2)k13426
l(2)01361 4 l(2)k08224, l(2)k08105, l(2)05527
l(2)01410 9 l(2)05009, l(2)07463, l(2)03972, l(2)05604, l(2)k00212, l(2)02847, ms(2)01504, l(2)k04409
l(2)01467 9 l(2)08882, l(2)k00119, l(2)k00602, l(2)k01202, l(2)k05623, l(2)k06605, l(2)k16315, l(2)08827
l(2)01501 4 l(2)10432, l(2)k07717, l(2)k08204
l(2)01510 5 l(2)07007, l(2)k07404, l(2)s4214, l(2)k02508
l(2)01528 4 l(2)k08613, l(2)k08922, l(2)k13715
l(2)01738 7 l(2)01493, l(2)01704, l(2)01829, l(2)05084, l(2)06432, l(2)k06515
l(2)01863 2 l(2)rF111
l(2)02064 2 l(2)k04218
l(2)02074 2 l(2)05230
l(2)02132 6 l(2)08859, l(2)k05606, l(2)k14408, l(2)02121, l(2)01862
l(2)02353 8 l(2)05865, l(2)k00604, l(2)k01002, l(2)k06015, l(2)k07511, l(2)rK357, l(2)rP247
l(2)02439 11 l(2)k01501, l(2)06689, l(2)k01801, l(2)k05206, l(2)k07120, l(2)k07519, l(2)k14518, l(2)k14610, l(2)k09234
l(2)02448 9 l(2)02697, l(2)06652, l(2)k00501, l(2)k00704, l(2)k05313, l(2)k06130, l(2)k10504, l(2)s1534
l(2)02496 4 l(2)s5286, l(2)k06009, l(2)k09822
l(2)02502 3 l(2)rN498, l(2)rQ348
l(2)02516 2 l(2)k14026
l(2)02535 2 l(2)05096
l(2)02647 6 l(2)k02814, l(2)10280, l(2)k10413, l(2)k16203, l(2)rF680
l(2)02657 6 l(2)04894, l(2)03324, l(2)rO216, l(2)rQ639, l(2)rO505
l(2)02833 5 l(2)k11803, l(2)k09029, l(2)k09512, l(2)k13101
l(2)02836 3 l(2)03875, l(2)k14103
l(2)02957 2 l(2)k15609
l(2)02970 9 l(2)k11035, l(2)00628, l(2)05029, ms(2)00331, l(2)08253, l(2)k09828, l(2)k08507, l(2)03907
l(2)03021 3 l(2)03474, l(2)k11240
l(2)03033 4 l(2)k05115, l(2)09261, l(2)05351
l(2)03041 3 l(2)07010, l(2)k15608
l(2)03235 3 l(2)s2201, l(2)neo7
l(2)03267 2 l(2)k07909
l(2)03350 4 l(2)k13601, l(2)k15612, l(2)k10325
l(2)03405 9 l(2)03876, l(2)05809, l(2)k00203, l(2)k01016, l(2)k07246, l(2)k07517, l(2)k12102, l(2)s3484
l(2)03427 2 l(2)k09008
l(2)03505 11 l(2)03751, l(2)04215, l(2)04615, l(2)07470, l(2)08940, l(2)k10403, l(2)rH755, l(2)s5501, l(2)k06306, l(2)04218
l(2)03552 5 l(2)01300, l(2)s4158, l(2)k05702, l(2)05217
l(2)03575 2 l(2)k168014
l(2)03610 2 l(2)05467
l(2)03775 2 l(2)k15502
l(2)03832 2 l(2)k05429
l(2)03909 6 l(2)02828, l(2)06372, l(2)k04213, l(2)k09533, l(2)k11802
l(2)04111 4 l(2)k13009, l(2)k13909, l(2)rN141
l(2)04418 8 l(2)06470, l(2)10639, l(2)k05205, l(2)k08217, l(2)k14612, l(2)s2346, l(2)k09625
l(2)04440 10 l(2)03432, l(2)04525, l(2)k00702, l(2)k03304, l(2)k08415, l(2)k10126, l(2)k10315, l(2)k11204, l(2)k13817
l(2)04454 3 l(2)k07309, l(2)rQ447
l(2)04493 8 l(2)k09603, l(2)10636, l(2)k01211, l(2)k04501, l(2)k06307, l(2)04841, l(2)k09930
l(2)04535 7 l(2)05862, l(2)k01601, l(2)k02710, l(2)k09819, l(2)k14807, l(2)04543
l(2)04723 3 l(2)k13421, l(2)k16610
l(2)04738 7 l(2)05595, l(2)k00401, l(2)k01307, l(2)k04412, l(2)k16131, l(2)rP005
l(2)05056 3 l(2)k07917, l(2)k07839
l(2)05206 6 l(2)05277, fs(2)01672, l(2)k02602, l(2)k05007, l(2)k09109
l(2)05287 2 l(2)k16804b
l(2)05441 2 l(2)k11112
l(2)05475 8 l(2)03679, l(2)k02517, l(2)k07505, l(2)k07701, l(2)k10907, l(2)k12405, l(2)k13706
l(2)05486 2 l(2)01519
l(2)05643 3 l(2)k07513, l(2)k11110
l(2)05836 3 l(2)k12603, l(2)s1883
l(2)05847 5 l(2)07447, l(2)k05512, l(2)k10313, l(2)k16116
l(2)06243 8 ms(2)08318, l(2)k04604, l(2)k07602, l(2)k13638, l(2)k09402, l(2)k06338, k(2)k09030, l(2)k13510
l(2)06444 3 l(2)k06005, l(2)k09720
l(2)06496 2 l(2)k14618
l(2)06825 6 l(2)k08801, l(2)k16002, l(2)k01021, l(2)02418, l(2)k08216
l(2)06850 3 l(2)rH247, l(2)s2140
l(2)06860 5 l(2)k04703, l(2)rAO104, l(2)k09230, l(2)k09702
l(2)06949 3 l(2)k06203, l(2)rO238
l(2)06955 2 l(2)k01217
l(2)07022 2 l(2)k01109
l(2)07054 9 l(2)07876, l(2)k00403, l(2)k00504, l(2)k02301, l(2)k04806, l(2)k07708, l(2)k14603a, l(2)k16302
l(2)07056 10 l(2)k06921, l(2)k09312, l(2)k09530, l(2)k10232, l(2)k14005, l(2)k15907, l(2)k17024, l(2)rK134, l(2)05671
l(2)07082 14 l(2)05729, l(2)k00109, l(2)k00606, l(2)k08910, l(2)k01502, l(2)k02811, l(2)k04408, l(2)k04802, l(2)k05210, l(2)k05818, l(2)k06211, l(2)k10817, l(2)k14811
l(2)07214 3 l(2)k07836, l(2)k03307
l(2)07812 27 l(2)k13416, l(2)02532, l(2)03303, l(2)04256, l(2)05148, l(2)05841, l(2)07815, l(2)10464, l(2)k08319, l(2)k08814, l(2)s4771, l(2)k04513, l(2)k05630, l(2)k05708, l(2)k05827, l(2)k06022, l(2)k06119, l(2)k06919, l(2)s3527, l(2)k09023, l(2)k09105, l(2)rL432, l(2)k09846, l(2)k1
l(2)08269 6 l(2)k02703, l(2)k07401, l(2)k09715, l(2)k05415, l(2)k08919
l(2)08323 2 l(2)k13606
l(2)08492 2 l(2)k10320
l(2)08770 4 l(2)02302, l(2)k04808, l(2)k14404
l(2)08774 3 l(2)k10909, l(2)rG034
l(2)09437 7 l(2)10002, l(2)k16716, l(2)k13507, l(2)k06511, l(2)k05612, l(2)k08909
l(2)10403 2 l(2)08639
l(2)10424 2 l(2)k06801
l(2)10469 3 l(2)k03401, l(2)k10220
l(2)10481 2 l(2)03263
l(2)10523 4 l(2)k07130, l(2)k12909, l(2)k14029
l(2)10607 5 ms(2)06491, l(2)07878, ms(2)05158, l(2)03264
l(2)10608 2 l(2)k10215
l(2)10626 6 l(2)k02401, l(2)k03106, l(2)k13913, l(2)k15709, l(2)k13809
l(2)10642 5 l(2)k04411, l(2)05208, l(2)k05905, l(2)k16802
l(2)10685 3 l(2)k00420, l(2)k05810
l(2)k00103 2 l(2)k14707
l(2)k00116 2 l(2)k00413
l(2)k00202 2 l(2)k04301a
l(2)k00206 2 l(2)k05610
l(2)k00237 3 l(2)k00223, l(2)k05807
l(2)k00405 6 l(2)k03009, l(2)k03102, l(2)k09824, l(2)k16812, l(2)k13420
l(2)k00705 11 l(2)k06027, l(2)k00806, l(2)k01802, l(2)k05105, l(2)k07108, l(2)k08203, l(2)k10233, l(2)k11202, l(2)k12304, l(2)k15406
l(2)k01215 3 l(2)k06507, l(2)k04603
l(2)k01403 7 l(2)k07601, l(2)k09934, l(2)k11804, l(2)k12004, l(2)k14817, l(2)03782
l(2)k02507 3 l(2)rH075, l(2)rH081
l(2)k02512 3 l(2)k07907, l(2)k11212
l(2)k02701 2 l(2)00053
l(2)k03002 2 l(2)k04601
l(2)k03007 2 l(2)k13104
l(2)k03010 4 l(2)k03405, l(2)k05405, l(2)k06601
l(2)k03107 2 l(2)k13811
l(2)k03110 3 l(2)k04002, l(2)k02203
l(2)k03111 2 l(2)k02003
l(2)k03610 2 l(2)k03703
l(2)k04203 2 l(2)k04910
l(2)k04204 2 l(2)k05803
l(2)k04508 3 l(2)k05408, l(2)k16309
l(2)k04704 2 l(2)k06704
l(2)k04907 2 l(2)k06618
l(2)k04917 5 l(2)k05435, l(2)k06011, l(2)k08406, l(2)03647, l(2)k13707
l(2)k05106 2 l(2)k08036
l(2)k05123 2 l(2)k08405
l(2)k05305 3 l(2)k02303, l(2)k07501
l(2)k05318 2 l(2)k06308
l(2)k05428 3 l(2)k00108, l(2)k06708
l(2)k05633 9 l(2)k00508, l(2)k01208, l(2)k05403, l(2)k09317, l(2)k12103, l(2)k03101, l(2)k13409, l(2)00026
l(2)k05644 2 l(2)k13306
l(2)k05815 2 l(2)k05501
l(2)k05901 4 l(2)k09602, l(2)k09713, l(2)k03801
l(2)k06028 2 l(2)k11538
l(2)k06109 2 l(2)k03113
l(2)k06113 2 l(2)k08034
l(2)k06210 3 l(2)k04314, l(2)k04504
l(2)k06502 4 l(2)02839, l(2)k14514, l(2)s5211
l(2)k06602 2 l(2)k12907
l(2)k06709 2 l(2)k13717
l(2)k06710 2 l(2)k07112
l(2)k07005 2 l(2)k08218
l(2)k07104 4 l(2)k04901, l(2)k05712, l(2)k07607
l(2)k07135 2 ms(2)04138
l(2)k07215 2 l(2)k16009
l(2)k07612 4 l(2)k07721, l(2)k13233, l(2)k13624
l(2)k07624 2 l(2)k07409
l(2)k07824 2 l(2)k16901
l(2)k07826 2 l(2)k08704
l(2)k08003 2 l(2)k16724
l(2)k08108 3 l(2)k00904, l(2)k07921
l(2)k08110 2 l(2)k11104
l(2)k08115 2 l(2)k15716
l(2)k08121 2 l(2)k16601
l(2)k08316 2 l(2)k08134
l(2)k08815 2 l(2)k14202
l(2)k08901 3 l(2)k14501, l(2)k01209
l(2)k09003 3 l(2)k16615, l(2)k09306
l(2)k09010 2 l(2)k08408
l(2)k09410 2 l(2)k06410
l(2)k09507 3 l(2)k10201, l(2)k15909
l(2)k09614 2 l(2)k15708
l(2)k09801 2 l(2)k15821
l(2)k09905 4 l(2)k06110, l(2)k07302, l(2)k14705
l(2)k09923 3 l(2)k09847, l(2)k09239
l(2)k10307 3 l(2)k10801, l(2)k01110
l(2)k10308 4 l(2)k01017, l(2)k09242, l(2)k09838
l(2)k10617 2 l(2)k11018
l(2)k11403 3 l(2)k12401, l(2)k07114
l(2)k11511 3 l(2)04643, l(2)02459
l(2)k12303 3 l(2)k07214, l(2)k11320
l(2)k12914 2 l(2)k14509
l(2)k13321 13 fs(2)01320, l(2)05205, ms(2)00135, ms(2)01112, ms(2)02818, ms(2)04205, ms(2)07772, l(2)k02707, ms(2)08893, fs(2)04612, fs(2)06356, fs(2)09951, fs(2)neo1
l(2)k13702 2 l(2)k03509
l(2)k14014 7 l(2)k00310, l(2)k04805, l(2)k04912, l(2)k08103, l(2)k13903, l(2)k00802
l(2)k14019 2 l(2)k03202
l(2)k14504 2 l(2)06751
l(2)k14710 2 l(2)k15603
l(2)k14804 4 l(2)rI255, l(2)rQ802, l(2)k14312
l(2)k15815 4 l(2)k06202, l(2)k11507, l(2)k15512
l(2)k16109 2 l(2)k16218
l(2)k16715 2 l(2)k06303
l(2)k16912 2 l(2)k07737
l(2)k17002 2 l(2)k11534
l(2)s1859 2 l(2)k08920
l(2)s1878 2 l(2)rN173
l(2)s5379 2 l(2)k08027
n(2)k07110 2 l(2)k07103
n(2)k10237 2 l(2)k16510
sl(2)01103 6 fs(2)10089, fs(2)k14523, fs(2)k06121, fs(2)PZ276, l(2)00634
v(2)k05224 3 l(2)k05705, l(2)k06321
v(2)k15606 2 v(2)k15819
v(2)rG232 2 v(2)k11209
fs(3)02024 7 fs(3)03217, fs(3)03414, fs(3)04711, l(3)j6C3, l(3)10467, l(3)s9999
l(3)00035 14 l(3)00823, l(3)04050, l(3)02545, l(3)s2696, l(3)neo60, l(3)06701, l(3)04244, l(3)04095, l(3)neo63, l(3)07078, l(3)07016, l(3)j2A3, l(3)s2083
l(3)00073 2 l(3)10098
l(3)00082 2 l(3)06704
l(3)00090 7 l(3)j9C3, l(3)06726, l(3)s3263B, l(3)L6530, l(3)04539, l(3)04662
l(3)00103 4 l(3)05637, l(3)10470, l(3)neo28
l(3)00208 3 l(3)04727, l(3)j2e11
l(3)00217 2 l(3)06913
l(3)00295 3 l(3)04295, l(3)05415
l(3)00305 2 l(3)01413
l(3)00347 12 l(3)00700, l(3)08851, l(3)03430, l(3)s5452, l(3)01459, l(3)04733, l(3)04720, l(3)j3A2, l(3)01699, l(3)04863, l(3)j14A6
l(3)00451 4 l(3)02038, l(3)04693, l(3)09408
l(3)00564 2 l(3)04680
l(3)00620 3 l(3)04505, l(3)06862
l(3)00848 3 l(3)02288, l(3)rG347
l(3)00864 2 l(3)rG084
l(3)01086 9 l(3)02279, l(3)04136, l(3)10577, l(3)rG338, l(3)s5196, l(3)j14E8, l(3)j3D2, l(3)j3D5
l(3)01235 10 l(3)05473, l(3)j3A1, l(3)02499, l(3)neo62, l(3)neo61, l(3)s2213, l(3)j10B9, l(3)j1D3, l(3)j1E3
l(3)01432 37 l(3)j4A1, l(3)00435, l(3)00469, l(3)01824, l(3)01918, l(3)03241, l(3)03258, l(3)03603, l(3)04219, l(3)04261, l(3)05124, l(3)05339, l(3)05664, l(3)06015, l(3)06130, l(3)rO320, l(3)08435, l(3)00014, l(3)06647, l(3)rJ378, l(3)rN250, l(3)rQ383, l(3)rI739, l(3)00023, l(3)rK699
l(3)01453 20 l(3)j6A4, l(3)07008, l(3)01278, l(3)00462, l(3)04492, l(3)j5B13, l(3)10407, l(3)01856, l(3)03803, l(3)01164, l(3)j3B7, l(3)j3B2, l(3)j6B7, l(3)03924, l(3)05810, l(3)07097, l(3)04694, l(3)rM454, l(3)04270
l(3)01456 2 l(3)02466
l(3)01462 15 l(3)06535, l(3)03527, ms(3)01295, ms(3)neo2, ms(3)neo3, ms(3)02068, ms(3)03085, ms(3)08633, ms(3)01607, ms(3)06932, ms(3)neo6, l(3)s1782, l(3)j2C8, l(3)L7012
l(3)01549 2 l(3)neo45
l(3)01658 2 l(3)j2B12
l(3)01673 2 l(3)06089
l(3)01688 10 fs(3)02003, fs(3)04806, fs(3)04277, fs(3)06897, l(3)04338, l(3)10625, l(3)rK404, fs(3)03203, fs(3)07098
l(3)01705 2 l(3)04743
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l(3)02069 4 l(3)06806, l(3)j9A6, l(3)j4B8
l(3)02094 2 l(3)03042
l(3)02231 2 l(3)j6B6
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l(3)02404 4 l(3)07310, l(3)j5C3, l(3)neo42
l(3)02414 6 l(3)06848, l(3)04017, l(3)j11C8, l(3)01436, l(3)s1801
l(3)02619 2 l(3)j2E3
l(3)02640 5 l(3)04808, l(3)04563, l(3)03544, l(3)j4E3
l(3)02667 11 l(3)00219, l(3)10556, l(3)01316, l(3)j6C7, l(3)03540, l(3)05125, l(3)05311, l(3)05420, l(3)j2A1, l(3)j7B8
l(3)02733 2 l(3)10619
l(3)02937 3 l(3)05121, l(3)rM632
l(3)03342 3 l(3)09312, l(3)sA3484
l(3)03429 3 l(3)j11B9, l(3)s3441
l(3)03477 7 l(3)02731, l(3)07560, l(3)03479, l(3)j1D1, l(3)j1E11, l(3)j4C7
l(3)03550 5 l(3)j7A4, l(3)L3929, l(3)j1C1, l(3)L4083
l(3)03559 2 l(3)04410
l(3)03675 2 l(3)03750
l(3)03702 3 l(3)00692, l(3)02138
l(3)03719 2 l(3)j3B3
l(3)03773 2 l(3)02312
l(3)03802 3 l(3)j3B4, l(3)j7A1
l(3)03852 6 l(3)07038, l(3)04143, l(3)j2B7, l(3)L3101, l(3)L6202
l(3)03881 6 l(3)05117, l(3)07870, l(3)05584, l(3)05472, l(3)j1C5
l(3)03921 3 l(3)05134, l(3)05561
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l(3)03946 9 l(3)04335, l(3)01558, l(3)j1E5, l(3)j3C8, l(3)neo17, l(3)01545, l(3)02461, l(3)rO545
l(3)03999 3 l(3)06948, l(3)06915
l(3)04053 2 l(3)j8B2
l(3)04093 3 l(3)j8B3, l(3)j6B10
l(3)04220 2 l(3)j11E7
l(3)04322 5 l(3)07237, ms(3)03970, l(3)j4E11, l(3)05592
l(3)04629 2 l(3)05275
l(3)04696 2 l(3)04712
l(3)05146 2 l(3)L1602
l(3)05151 6 l(3)06606, l(3)03980, l(3)03935, l(3)j8C3, l(3)L9254
l(3)05203 6 l(3)07636, l(3)05702, l(3)08705, l(3)00934, l(3)08235
l(3)05284 3 l(3)rJ407, l(3)j3C3
l(3)05309 9 l(3)02017, l(3)00844, l(3)00876, l(3)02218, l(3)05301, l(3)rL201, l(3)rP126, l(3)rJ307
l(3)05408 2 l(3)j1B3
l(3)05461 2 l(3)s1926
l(3)05616 3 l(3)j5B4, l(3)L2262
l(3)05712 2 l(3)07484
l(3)05745 2 l(3)06762
l(3)05842 3 l(3)06656, l(3)s5349
l(3)05845 6 l(3)03639, l(3)05959, l(3)03032, l(3)rJ472, l(3)j5E11
l(3)05967 3 l(3)06318, l(3)00315
l(3)06240 2 l(3)rH321
l(3)06346 2 l(3)j6C8
l(3)06439 5 l(3)03676, l(3)05264, l(3)05295, l(3)04746
l(3)06536 2 l(3)j2E5
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l(3)j4D1 2 l(3)j5D1
l(3)j5A6 4 l(3)j7C8, l(3)j7A3, l(3)j4A3
l(3)j5B5 2 l(3)j5D5
l(3)j6B12 6 l(3)j9B8, l(3)neo37, l(3)j9B9, l(3)j9C8, l(3)rI061
l(3)j6B8 4 l(3)j8A6, l(3)s2898, l(3)s2818
l(3)j6E3 2 fs(3)00048
l(3)j8C8 3 l(3)j13A6, l(3)j5B1
l(3)L2049 2 l(3)L3879
l(3)L4092 2 l(3)L4091
l(3)neo32 2 l(3)neo31
l(3)rI075 2 l(3)L6731
l(3)rJ413 3 l(3)neo56, l(3)neo57
l(3)rK561 2 l(3)rL537
l(3)s2149 2 l(3)s3582
ms(3)00414 2 ms(3)00713
ms(3)02245 2 ms(3)05090
ms(3)06411 2 ms(3)08366
ms(3)06746 2 ms(3)06840
ms(3)10515 2 ms(3)07446
n(3)05241 2 v(3)neo55
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Research paper

The Berkeley Drosophila genome project gene disruption project. Single P-element insertions mutating 25% of vital Drosophila genes.
Spradling et al., 1999, Genetics 153(1): 135--177 [FBrf0111489]

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