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Schäfer, U., Jackle, H., He, Y., Bellen, H., Laverty, T., Rubin, G. (1999.12.2). Goettingen lethals - set 4. 
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Personal communication from: Ulrich Schaefer, Herbert Jackle, Yuchun He, Hugo Bellen, Todd Laverty and Gerry Rubin
To: Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center
Subject: Goettingen lethals - set 4
Dated: 1 December 1999
Background: The lethal and semi-lethal alleles and P{lacW} insertions reported here were generated in the laboratory of 
Herbert Jackle (Goettingen) in a screen for lethal P{lacW} hops into the X chromosome. In situ hybridizations to map the 
P{lacW} insertions were carried out in the laboratory of Hugo Bellen (Houston). Hybridized chromosomes were read by 
both the Bellen lab and by Todd Laverty (Rubin lab, Berkeley). The assumption that lethality in single insertion lines is 
caused by the insertion has not been verified. lacZ expression patterns for these lines will be available from FlyView. 
This communication includes revised insertion sites for four of the lines included in FBrf0108529, followed by new alleles 
and transposon insertions.
Alleles with updated information (presumed to be caused by P{lacW} insertions):
                                        Original         Update
l(1)G0003G0003 17C              17D
l(1)G0103G0103 12E1-4        12E
l(1)G0228G0228 7E3-6          7E5-6
l(1)G0229G0229 13C1-2        13B6-9
New Alleles (presumed to be caused by P{lacW} insertions):
l(1)G0257G0257 ? -- multi-insert line: 1B, 2C
l(1)G0319G0319 1B7-10
l(1)G0471G0471 1B11-14
l(1)G0109G0109 1C
l(1)G0422G0422 1C
l(1)G0451G0451 1C
l(1)G0192G0192 2B
l(1)G0450G0450 2B
l(1)G0500G0500 2C1-2
l(1)G0184G0184 ? -- multi-insert line: 2D1-2, 9E1-4
l(1)G0226G0226 ? -- multi-insert line: 2F, 4C7-8
l(1)G0475G0475 3A
l(1)G0488G0488 ? -- multi-insert line: 3A, 7F
l(1)G0362G0362 3A3-4
l(1)G0359G0359 3D1-4
l(1)G0279G0279 3E3-7
l(1)G0501G0501 3E5-F2
l(1)G0231G0231 3F -- semi-lethal
l(1)G0048G0048 4AB
l(1)G0032G0032 4B
l(1)G0204G0204 4C7-8
l(1)G0326G0326 4C7-8
l(1)G0010G0010 5C5-8
l(1)G0486G0486 5C5-10
l(1)G0489G0489 5E
l(1)G0114G0114 5F
l(1)G0461G0461 6B-C
l(1)G0087G0087 6E -- semi-lethal
l(1)G0306G0306 7C -- semi-lethal
mysG0091b 7D3-7 (from multi-insert line)
l(1)G0348G0348 7D -- semi-lethal
l(1)G0459G0459 7D -- semi-lethal
l(1)G0093G0093 7D3-4
l(1)G0477G0477 7D14-E2
l(1)G0295G0295 7E -- semi-lethal
l(1)G0425G0425 7E
l(1)G0376G0376 7E5-10
l(1)G0413G0413 7F
l(1)G0490G0490 8C4-10
l(1)G0464G0464 8F
l(1)G0470G0470 8F4-7 -- semi-lethal
l(1)G0197G0197 9B
l(1)G0002G0002 9E1-4
l(1)G0386G0386 9F
l(1)G0478G0478 ? -- multi-insert line: 10C1-2, 12C-D
l(1)G0341G0341 10E
l(1)G0214G0214 11A -- semi-lethal
l(1)G0366G0366 11B5-12
l(1)G0208G0208 11D -- semi-lethal
l(1)G0443G0443 11E-F
l(1)G0122G0122 12A-B
l(1)G0031G0031 12C
l(1)G0495G0495 12C
l(1)G0472G0472 12C-D -- semi-lethal
l(1)G0487G0487 12C4-8
l(1)G0467G0467 12D
l(1)G0308G0308 12E
l(1)G0491G0491 12E
l(1)G0176G0176 12E3-7
l(1)G0469G0469 12E3-7
l(1)G0185G0185 12E5-7
l(1)G0498G0498 12F3-7
l(1)G0344G0344 13A1-6 -- semi-lethal
l(1)G0134G0134 13B08-9
l(1)G0442G0442 13E08-9
l(1)G0483G0483 13F1-2
l(1)G0347G0347 14B1-4 -- semi-lethal
l(1)G0484G0484 15F
l(1)G0297G0297 17C-D
l(1)G0493G0493 18D
l(1)G0447G0447 18D1-4 -- semi-lethal
l(1)G0225G0225 18F -- semi-lethal
l(1)G0337G0337 19E
New Transposon insertions (from multi-insert lines):
P{lacW}G0091a    3E1-2
P{lacW}G0257a    1B
P{lacW}G0257b    2C
P{lacW}G0184a    2D1-2
P{lacW}G0184b    9E1-4
P{lacW}G0226a    2F
P{lacW}G0226b    4C7-8
P{lacW}G0478a    10C1-2
P{lacW}G0478b    12C-D
P{lacW}G0488a    3A
P{lacW}G0488b    7F
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