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Dockendorff, T.C., Robertson, S.E., Faulkner, D.L., Jongens, T.A. (2000). Genetic characterization of the 44D-45B region of the Drosophila melanogaster genome based on an F2 lethal screen.  Mol. Gen. Genet. 263(1): 137--143.
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We have performed an F2 genetic screen to identify lethal mutations that map to the 44D-45B region of the Drosophila melanogaster genome. By screening 8500 mutagenized chromosomes for lethality over Df(2R)Np3, a deficiency which encompasses nearly 1% of the D. melanogaster euchromatic genome, we recovered 125 lines with lethal mutations that represent 38 complementation groups. The lethal mutations have been mapped to deficiencies that span the 44D-45B region, producing an approximate map position for each complementation group. Lethal mutations were analyzed to determine the phase of development at which lethality occurred. In addition, we have linked some of the complementation groups to P element-induced lethals that map to 44D-45B, thus possibly providing new alleles of a previously tagged gene. Some of the complementation groups represent potentially novel alleles of previously identified genes that map to the region. Several genes have been mapped by molecular means to the 44D-45B region, but do not have any reported mutant alleles. This screen may have uncovered mutant alleles of these genes. The results of complementation tests with previously identified genes in 44D-45B suggests that over half of the complementation groups identified in this screen may be novel.

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