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Bellen, H.J., O'Kane, C.J., Wilson, C., Grossniklaus, U., Pearson, R.K., Gehring, W.J. (2000). lacZ expression patterns. 
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From matthewk@XXXX Wed May 31  17:17:59  2000
Subject: lacZ expression patterns
To: flybase-updates@XXXX
From: Kathy Matthews matthewk@XXXX
Personal communication from: Bellen, H.J., O'Kane, C.J., Wilson, C., Grossniklaus, U., Pearson, R.K., Gehring,
To: HHMI P Stock Center
Dated: Unknown
Background: The following information was included in a preprint of Bellen et al., 1989, Genes Dev.  3:1288--1300 
(FBrf0049801) and/or in tables of staining pattern information provided when the stocks were donated to the HHMI P
Stock Center (subsequently transferred to the Bloomington Stock Center), but apparently did not appear in the
published version of the paper.
FlyBase has an insertion record and lacZ allele for each of these, but no lacZ expression pattern is associated
with the lacZ allele. In one case, a mutant allele also needs to be created and the insertion renamed accordingly.
Information communicated:
1. P{lArB}A106.1F1, FBti0005693
Gene symbol: l(1)A106.1F1
Gene synonym: A106.1F1.L
Map position: 7C (based on in situ of associated insertion)
Allele symbol: l(1)A106.1F1A106.1F1
Allele phenotype: recessive lethal
Other info: Lethality is complemented by
Associated insertion: P{lArB}l(1)A106.1F1 (new symbol for FBti0005693)
Insertion symbol: P{lArB}l(1)A106.1F1 (new symbol for FBti0005693)
Associated allele: Ecol\lacZA106.1F1 (FBal0040637)
lacZ staining pattern:
embryo: preblastoderm
ovary: nurse cells, stage 10 (faint)
oocyte nucleus, stage 14
2. P{lArB}A103.1M2 (FBti0005692)
Associated allele: Ecol\lacZA103.1M2 (FBal0040636)
lacZ staining pattern:
embryo: anterior epidermis
segment boundry
denticle belts?, especially A2-A8/9
ovary: no staining
3. P{lArB}A217.1M2 (FBti0005703)
Associated allele: Ecol\lacZA217.1M2 (FBal0040669)
lacZ staining pattern:
embryo: gonad, stage 17
ovary: no staining
4. P{lArB}A193.5F3 (FBti0005702)
Associated allele: Ecol\lacZA193.5F3 (FBal0040660)
lacZ staining pattern:
ovary: germarium, region 2
nurse cells, stage 1
follicle cells, stage 1
5. P{lArB}B26.1M3 (FBti0005744)
Associated allele: Ecol\lacZB26.1M3 (FBal0040861)
lacZ staining pattern:
third instar larva: CNS
eye-antennal disc
leg disc
wing disc
6. P{lArB}A100.1M3 (FBti0005690)
Associated allele: Ecol\lacZA100.1M3 (FBal0040634)
lacZ staining pattern:
embryo: epidermis, T2 and T3, anterior to segmental boundary
posterior spiracles
ovary: no staining
7. P{lArB}A143.1F3 (FBti0005699)
Associated allele: Ecol\lacZA143.1F3 (FBal0040648)
lacZ staining pattern:
embryo: posterior spiracle, stage 13
Malpighian tubules, stage 12
head, labial segment?, antennomaxillary complex?
ovary: no staining
8. P{lArB}A102.2F3 (FBti0005691)
Associated allele: Ecol\lacZA102.2F3 (FBal0040635)
lacZ staining pattern:
embryo: repeated pattern: anterior to cephalic furrow and dorsolateral posterior epidermis
of each segment
CNS (all), stage 17
brain, stage 12
dorsal nerve cord, stage 12
ovary: no staining
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