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Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center, (2001.8.28). Balancer Variants. 
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From matthewk@XXXX Mon Sep 17  20:54:21  2001
Subject: Balancer Variants
To: flybase-updates@XXXX
Personal communication from: Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center
Subject: Balancer Variants
Dated: 28 August 2001
Background: The following balancer variants are in stocks in the
Bloomington collection but are apparently not in FlyBase.
Binsc, oc1 ptg1
ClB, B36d
CxD, ryBW
CyO, Df(2L)noc20
CyO, Df(2R)cn-S3
CyO, Df(2R)cn-S6
CyO, Dp(2;2)M(2)m+
CyO, P{w+mC=Crew}DH1
CyO, P{w+mC=GAL4-Hsp70.PB}TR1, P{w+mC=UAS-GFP.Y}TR1
CyO, P{y+mDint2 wBR.E.BR=SUPor-P}RR1
CyO, Roi1 bw1
CyO, Roi1 cn2P bw1
CyO, Roi1 cn2P bw1 <P>
CyO, Roi1 sp* <P>
CyO, S* bw1
CyO, bw*
CyO, dpov1 pr1 cn1
CyO, necJR
CyO, pr1 cn2 bw1
DcxF, Sb1 sr1 es
FM1, B+ l(1)**
FM1, lz+
FM3, vOf
FM4, w1 B+
FM4, w1 f1 B+
FM6, w* ct*
FM6, w1
FM6, wi dm+
FM6, y31d w* B1
FM7a, B+
FM7a, Df(1)FM7, l(1)**
FM7a, In(1)wm73
FM7c, B+
FM7c, sn+
FM7c, w+
Insc, fu1
SM1, Got21
SM1, Hex-C4
SM1, L4
SM1, Pgk4 Pgi4
SM1, Roi1
SM1, dplvI pr1 Bl1 L4
SM6a, bwk1
TM1, Su(ss)2
TM1, T(2;3)D7, red1 D7
TM1, jv*
TM1, mwh1 rhove-1
TM1, pp
TM1, red*
TM1, st*
TM2, pp
TM3, ryRK Sb1 Ser1
TM3, AntpDC Sb1
TM3, Au1 ryRK Sb1 Ser1
TM3, IdhS SodS Pgm4tr Sb1 Ald4 Ser1
TM3, In(3LR)D6, D6 ryRK Sb1 Ser1
TM3, P{UAS-y.C}MC2, Ser1
TM3, P{ry+t7.2=ftz-lacZ.ry+}TM3, Sb1 ry*
TM3, P{ry+t7.2=ftz/lacC}SC1, ryRK Sb1 Ser1
TM3, P{ry+t7.2=sevRas1.V12}FK2, Sb1
TM3, P{w+mC=35UZ}2, Sb1
TM3, P{w+mC=GAL4-Hsp70.PB}TR2, P{w+mC=UAS-GFP.Y}TR2, y+ Ser1
TM3, P{w+mC=UAS-Dl.DN}TJ1, Sb1
TM3, Sb1 ry*
TM3, Sb1 tld17
TM3, kls* ru* Sb1
TM3, p+ Sb1
TM3, red* Ser1
TM3, ry* su(Hw)2 Sb1
TM3, ryRK Sb1 Ser1
TM3, ryRK red2 Sb1 Ser1
TM6, Est-6F Est-CS FdhF Lap-DS Acph-1B Tpi4
TM6, Est-CS
TM6, IdhS
TM6, Ubx+
TM6, UbxP15 e1
TM6, h1
TM6, su(Hw)5
TM6B, Bri1, Tb1
TM6B, Dl*
TM6B, P{w+mC=35UZ}DB1, Tb1
TM6B, P{w+mC=Crew}DH2, Tb1
TM6B, P{w+mW.hs=Ubi-GFP.S65T}PAD2, Tb1
TM6B, Tb+
TM6B, Tb+ ca1
TM6B, Tb+ e+
TM6B, Tb1 DrMio
TM6B, Tb1 ca1
TM6B, glBS1 Tb1
TM6B, red1 Tb1
TM6B, ryCB Tb+
TM6B, ryCB Tb1
TM6B, ryCB Tb1 ca1
TM6C, AntpHu Sb1 Tb1
TM6C, Sb1
TM6C, Sb1 Tb1
TM6C, ca1
TM6C, cu1 Sb1 ca1
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