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Deitcher, D. (2001.10.21). FlyBase error report for CG17884 on Sun Oct 21 08:21:53 2001. 
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Personal communication to FlyBase
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From: FlyBase-error@XXXX
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001  08:21:53  \-0700 (PDT)
To: flybase-updates@XXXX
Cc: dld14@XXXX
Subject: FlyBase error report for CG17884 on Sun Oct 21  08:21:53  2001
Error report from David Deitcher (dld14@XXXX)
Gene or accession: CG17884
Release: 2
Missed gene
Comments: This is not to correct an error but rather to add mapping
information. The map position of the SNAP-25 gene is in the heterochromatic
region on the 3L side of the centromere. Df(3L)1-16* removes the gene and we
have several mutant alleles of SNAP-25 that fail to complement this
deficiency. A more proximal deficiency, Df(3L)8A-80 does not remove SNAP-25.
We have an in press manuscript describing the isolation of a SNAP-25 mutation
\*Marchant,G.E. and Holm,D.G. (1988) Genetic Analysis of the Heterochromatin
of Chromosome 3 in Drosophila melanogaster. I. Products of Compound-Autosome
Detachment. Genetics, 120, 503-517.
\**Rao, S., Stewart, B.A., Rivlin, P., Vilinsky, I., Watson, B.O., Lang, C.,
Boulianne, G., Salpeter, M., and
Deitcher, D.L.(2001) Two Distinct Effects on Neurotransmission in a
Temperature-Sensitive SNAP-25 Mutant, EMBO, in press.
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