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Bourbon, H.M., Gonzy-Treboul, G., Peronnet, F., Alin, M.F., Ardourel, C., Benassayag, C., Cribbs, D., Deutsch, J., Ferrer, P., Haenlin, M., Lepesant, J.A., Noselli, S., Vincent, A. (2002). A P-insertion screen identifying novel X-linked essential genes in Drosophila.  Mech. Dev. 110(1-2): 71--83.
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The recent determination and annotation of the entire euchromatic sequence of the Drosophila melanogaster genome predicted the existence of about 13600 different genes (Science 287 (2000) 2185; In parallel, the Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project (BDGP) has undertaken systematic P-insertion screens, to isolate new lethals and misexpressing lines. To date, however, the genes of the X chromosome have been under-represented in the screens performed. In order both to characterize several X-linked genes of prime interest to our laboratories and contribute to the collection of lethal P-insertions available to the community, we performed a P-insertion mutagenesis of the X chromosome. Using the PlacW and PGawB P-elements as mutagens, we generated two complementary sets of enhancer-trap lines, l(1)(T)PL and l(1)(T)PG, respectively, which both contain a reporter gene whose developmental expression can be monitored when driven by nearby enhancer sequences. We report here the characterization of 260 new insertions, mapping to 133 different genes or predicted CGs. Of these, 83 correspond to genes for which no lethal mutation had yet been reported. For 64 of those, we could confirm that lethality was solely due to the P-element insertion. The primary molecular data, reporter gene expression patterns (observed in embryos, third instar larvae and adult ovaries) and proposed CG assignment for each strain can be accessed and updated on our website at the following address: fr:8080 /screen.

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Personal communication to FlyBase

PL25, PL60#1, PG80 and PG112.
Bourbon, 2002.1.31, PL25, PL60#1, PG80 and PG112. [FBrf0145552]

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