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FlyBase Curators, , Swiss-Prot Project Members, , InterPro Project Members, (2004-). Gene Ontology annotation in FlyBase through association of InterPro records with GO terms. 
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For annotations documented via this citation, GO terms were assigned to FlyBase genes through InterPro protein domain assignments. Interpro protein domains are assigned to FlyBase genes as part of an ongoing collaboration between the Swiss-Prot database and FlyBase. GO terms are then associated with FlyBase genes using a translation table of InterPro protein domains to GO terms generated by Nicola Mulder at the European Bioinformatics Institute.

The rationale for this set of annotations is to provide some GO annotation for genes that have few or no experimentally supported GO terms, albeit at relatively low-confidence. It is not designed to capture all possible InterPro-predicted GO terms. GO terms are selected for addition based on the following rules:

1. Where multiple InterPro domains predict the SAME GO statement, this GO term statement is included only once under any single gene.

2. Where an InterPro-predicted GO term is already associated with a gene and supported by non-IEA (Inferred from Electronic Annotation) evidence code, the InterPro-predicted GO term is not added. If the existing identical GO terms is supported by IEA, the Interpro predicted GO term is added.

3. Where a child of an InterPro-predicted GO term already exists for a gene, the InterPro-predicted GO term is not added. For example, α-Est1 is already annotated with the GO term 'carboxylesterase activity ; GO:0004091 ; EC:'. This is a child of the InterPro-predicted GO term 'catalytic activity ; GO:0003824'. Therefore 'catalytic activity ; GO:0003824' would NOT be added.

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