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Parks, A. (2004.5.12). Akt1 constructs and insertions. 
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Date: Wed, 12 May 2004  15:18:23  \-0500
To: rd120XXXX, flybase-updatesXXXX, Annette Parks
From: Kevin Cook <kcook@XXXX>
Subject: Akt1 constructs and insertions
The following information was provided by Annette Parks of Exelixis, Inc.
In P{UAS-Akt1.Exel}, wild type sequences for the short, 60 kD form of Akt1
(GenBank accession X83510) as described in Andjelkovic et al., 1995 (J.
Biol. Chem. 270: 4066-4075; FBrf0079853) were cloned into P{Express-UAS}.
P{GMR-Akt1.Exel}consists of the same sequence cloned into P{Express-glass}.
P{GMR-Akt1.T342D.S505D}consists of the same sequence with Thr342Asp and
Ser505Asp mutations cloned into P{Express-glass}. The protein variant is
constitutively active.
P{UAS-Akt1.Exel}1, P{GMR-Akt1.T342D.S505D}1 and P{GMR-Akt1.Exel}1 are
homozygous and hemizygous viable and fertile, X chromosome insertions.
P{UAS-Akt1.Exel}2, P{GMR-Akt1.Exel}2 and P{GMR-Akt1.T342D.S505D}2 are
homozygous viable and fertile, second chromosome insertions.
P{GMR-Akt1.T342D.S505D}3 is a homozygous viable and fertile, third
chromosome insertion.
Kevin Cook, Ph.D. Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center
Department of Biology
Jordan Hall 142
Indiana University 812-856-1213
1001 E. Third St. 812-855-2577 (fax)
Bloomington, IN 47405-3700 kcook@XXXX
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