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Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center, (2004.11.7). Garza insertion alleles that are not in FlyBase. 
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Personal communication to FlyBase
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Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2004  15:13:31  \-0500 (EST)
From: Kathy Matthews <matthewk@XXXX>
Subject: Garza insertion alleles that are not in FlyBase
To: flybase-updates@XXXX
Personal Communication from: Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center
Subject: Garza insertion alleles that are not in FlyBase
Dated: 7 Nov 2004
The 69 insertions listed below were donated to the Bloomington Stock Center by
Brian Ring and Dan Garza (Florida State University, Novartis; see
FBrf0152434). In collaboration with the Gene Disruption Project (GDP: H.J.
Bellen, Baylor College of Medicine, A. Spradling, Carnegie Institute, and R.
Hoskins, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), selected lines were balanced
or homozygosed (Ring and Garza) and resequenced (GDP). According to the
GDP, the insertions listed below are within transcription units and create the
indicated alleles. To avoid further asynchrony between the Stock Center and
FlyBase, we are passing this information, which was produced by the GDP, along
for curation. GDP's full data set on the Ring and Garza insertions will be
submitted to FlyBase at some time in the future.
FlyBase ID Insertion Symbol
FBti0037879 PBac{3HPy+}Sep2C207
FBti0037926 PBac{3HPy+}alphaTub84DC368
FBti0037915 PBac{3HPy+}Arf102FC339
FBti0037825 PBac{3HPy+}Arf79FC005
FBti0037905 PBac{3HPy+}CG15282C298
FBti0037886 PBac{3HPy+}CG6355C227
FBti0037866 PBac{3HPy+}cnoC156
FBti0037855 PBac{3HPy+}Eip63EC107
FBti0037928 PBac{3HPy+}enokC376
FBti0037826 PBac{3HPy+}fruC009
FBti0037903 PBac{3HPy+}Hsp67BaC291
FBti0037830 PBac{3HPy+}hydC017
FBti0037924 PBac{3HPy+}I-2C362
FBti0037860 PBac{3HPy+}l(3)IX-14C128
FBti0037898 PBac{3HPy+}LeucokininC275
FBti0037884 PBac{3HPy+}msiC220
FBti0037918 PBac{3HPy+}OsbpC347
FBti0037892 PBac{3HPy+}recC252
FBti0037876 PBac{3HPy+}RfaBpC204
FBti0037927 PBac{3HPy+}RglC370
FBti0037868 PBac{3HPy+}RimC165
FBti0037917 PBac{3HPy+}RpL8C345
FBti0037920 PBac{3HPy+}ShabC349
FBti0037823 PBac{3HPy+}staiC002
FBti0037888 PBac{3HPy+}Strn-MlckC234
FBti0037916 PBac{3HPy+}Taf2C341
FBti0037854 PBac{3HPy+}TieC098
FBti0037634 PBac{5HPw+}Cdk8A162
FBti0037738 PBac{5HPw+}CecBB193
FBti0037666 PBac{5HPw+}CG15438A311
FBti0037663 PBac{5HPw+}Cht4A307
FBti0037662 PBac{5HPw+}CkIIalpha-i3A288
FBti0037625 PBac{5HPw+}CycJA138
FBti0037731 PBac{5HPw+}DgB148
FBti0037661 PBac{5HPw+}dj-1betaA286
FBti0037772 PBac{5HPw+}dlpB313
FBti0037820 PBac{5HPw+}DNaseIIB571
FBti0037665 PBac{5HPw+}Eip63EA310
FBti0037775 PBac{5HPw+}eyB320
FBti0037786 PBac{5HPw+}fat2B395
FBti0037780 PBac{5HPw+}Fps85DB363
FBti0037672 PBac{5HPw+}glA341
FBti0037785 PBac{5HPw+}GM130B394
FBti0037712 PBac{5HPw+}Hrb98DEA544
FBti0037682 PBac{5HPw+}janAA392
FBti0037671 PBac{5HPw+}kluA340
FBti0037784 PBac{5HPw+}koB392
FBti0037638 PBac{5HPw+}ldsA190
FBti0037598 PBac{5HPw+}mei-P22A054
FBti0037796 PBac{5HPw+}mRpS26B451
FBti0037797 PBac{5HPw+}msiB455
FBti0037737 PBac{5HPw+}mskB185
FBti0037594 PBac{5HPw+}mus205A034
FBti0037718 PBac{5HPw+}ND23B117
FBti0037619 PBac{5HPw+}Or45bA120
FBti0037815 PBac{5HPw+}OscpB532
FBti0037770 PBac{5HPw+}ospB307
FBti0037763 PBac{5HPw+}OteB279
FBti0037787 PBac{5HPw+}PH4alphaNE1B400
FBti0037653 PBac{5HPw+}Plc21CA246
FBti0037622 PBac{5HPw+}PP2A-B'A131
FBti0037670 PBac{5HPw+}Pros26.4A336
FBti0037717 PBac{5HPw+}Ptp61FB106
FBti0037749 PBac{5HPw+}Rab8B229
FBti0037588 PBac{5HPw+}Ras85DA014
FBti0037688 PBac{5HPw+}sdaA427
FBti0037643 PBac{5HPw+}slmbA197
FBti0037818 PBac{5HPw+}Taf6LB560
FBti0037681 PBac{5HPw+}wdpA391
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