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Bajpai, R., Sambrani, N., Stadelmayer, B., Shashidhara, L.S. (2004). Identification of a novel target of D/V signaling in Drosophila wing disc: wg-independent function of the organizer.  Gene Expr. Patterns 5(1): 113--121.
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Growth and patterning during Drosophila wing development are mediated by signaling from its dorso-ventral (D/V) organizer. Wingless is expressed in the D/V boundary and functions as a morphogen to activate target genes at a distance. Wingless pathway and thereby D/V signaling is negatively regulated by the homeotic gene Ultrabithorax (Ubx) to mediate haltere development. In an enhancer-trap screen to identify genes that show differential expression between wing and haltere discs, we identified CG32062, which codes for a RNA-binding protein. In wing discs, CG32062 is expressed only in non-D/V cells. CG32062 expression in non-D/V cells is dependent on Notch-mediated signaling from the D/V boundary. However, CG32062 expression is independent of Wingless function, thus providing evidence for a second long-range signaling mechanism of the D/V organizer. In haltere discs, CG32062 is negatively regulated by Ubx. The non-cell autonomous nature of Ubx-mediated repression of CG32062 expression suggests that the novel component of D/V signaling is also negatively regulated during haltere specification.

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