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Otsuki, K., Hayashi, Y., Kato, M., Yoshida, H., Yamaguchi, M. (2004). Characterization of dRFX2, a novel RFX family protein in Drosophila.  Nucleic Acids Res. 32(18): 5636--5648.
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Research paper

A transcriptional regulatory element was identified in the region between URE (upstream regulatory element) and DRE (DNA replication-related element) in the Drosophila PCNA gene promoter. This element plays an important role in promoter activity in living flies. A yeast one-hybrid screening using this element as a bait allowed isolation of a cDNA encoding a protein which binds to the element in vitro. Nucleotide sequence analyses revealed that the cDNA encodes a novel protein containing a characteristic DNA-binding domain conserved among the regulatory factor X (RFX) family proteins. We termed this protein Drosophila RFX2 (dRFX2) and this element dRFX2 site. To investigate the function of dRFX2 in vivo, we took the strategy of analyzing the dominant negative effects against the endogenous dRFX2. Transgenic flies were established in which expression of HA-dRFX(202-480) carrying the amino acid sequences from 202 to 480 containing the RFX domain (DNA-binding domain) of dRFX2 was targeted to the cells in the eye imaginal discs. In the eye imaginal disc expressing the HA-dRFX(202-480), the G1-S transition and/or the progression of S phase were/was interrupted, and the ectopic apoptosis was induced, though photoreceptor cells differentiated normally. These results indicate that dRFX2 plays a role in G1-S transition and/or in progression of S phase.

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PMC524303 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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