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Hasson, P., Egoz, N., Winkler, C., Volohonsky, G., Jia, S., Dinur, T., Volk, T., Courey, A.J., Paroush, Z. (2005). EGFR signaling attenuates Groucho-dependent repression to antagonize Notch transcriptional output.  Nat. Genet. 37(1): 101--105.
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Crosstalk between signaling pathways is crucial for the generation of complex and varied transcriptional networks. Antagonism between the EGF-receptor (EGFR) and Notch pathways in particular is well documented, although the underlying mechanism is poorly understood. The global corepressor Groucho (Gro) and its transducin-like Enhancer-of-split (TLE) mammalian homologs mediate repression by a myriad of repressors, including effectors of the Notch, Wnt (Wg) and TGF-beta (Dpp) signaling cascades. Given that there are genetic interactions between gro and components of the EGFR pathway (ref. 9 and P.H. et al., unpublished results), we tested whether Gro is at a crossroad between this and other pathways. Here we show that phosphorylation of Gro in response to MAPK activation weakens its repressor capacity, attenuating Gro-dependent transcriptional silencing by the Enhancer-of-split proteins, effectors of the Notch cascade. Thus, Gro is a new junction between signaling pathways, enabling EGFR signaling to antagonize transcriptional output by Notch and potentially other Gro-dependent pathways.

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P{UAS-gro.DD}2 insertion.
Nystul, 2017.7.7, P{UAS-gro.DD}2 insertion. [FBrf0235949]

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