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Wang, X., Bo, J., Bridges, T., Dugan, K.D., Pan, T.C., Chodosh, L.A., Montell, D.J. (2006). Analysis of cell migration using whole-genome expression profiling of migratory cells in the Drosophila ovary.  Dev. Cell 10(4): 483--495.
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Cell migration contributes to normal development and homeostasis as well as to pathological processes such as inflammation and tumor metastasis. Previous genetic screens have revealed signaling pathways that govern follicle cell migrations in the Drosophila ovary, but few downstream targets of the critical transcriptional regulators have been identified. To characterize the gene expression profile of two migratory cell populations and identify Slbo targets, we purified border cells and centripetal cells expressing the mouse CD8 antigen and carried out whole-genome microarray analysis. Genes predicted to control actin dynamics and the endocytic and secretory pathways were overrepresented in the migratory cell transcriptome. Mutations in five genes, including ttk, failed to complement previously isolated mutations that cause cell migration defects in mosaic clones. Functional analysis revealed a role for the Notch-activating protease Kuzbanian in border cell migration and identified Tie as a guidance receptor for the border cells.

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Migration in action: profiling border cells.
Jasper, 2006, Dev. Cell 10(4): 414--415 [FBrf0190206]

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