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Bayraktar, J., Zygmunt, D., Carthew, R.W. (2006). Par-1 kinase establishes cell polarity and functions in Notch signaling in the Drosophila embryo.  J. Cell Sci. 119(4): 711--721.
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The Drosophila protein kinase Par-1 is expressed throughout Drosophila development, but its function has not been extensively characterized because of oocyte lethality of null mutants. In this report, we have characterized the function of Par-1 in embryonic and post-embryonic epithelia. Par-1 protein is dynamically localized during embryonic cell polarization, transiently restricted to the lateral membrane domain, followed by apicolateral localization. We depleted maternal and zygotic par-1 by RNAi and revealed a requirement for Par-1 in establishing cell polarity. Par-1 restricts the coalescing adherens junction to an apicolateral position and prevents its widespread formation along the lateral domain. Par-1 also promotes the localization of lateral membrane proteins such as Delta. These activities are important for the further development of cell polarity during gastrulation. By contrast, Par-1 is not essential to maintain epithelial polarity once it has been established. However, it still has a maintenance role since overexpression causes severe polarity disruption. Additionally, we find a novel role for Par-1 in Notch signal transduction during embryonic neurogenesis and retina determination. Epistasis analysis indicates that Par-1 functions upstream of Notch and is critical for proper localization of the Notch ligand Delta.

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