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Benassayag, C., Montero, L., Colombie, N., Gallant, P., Cribbs, D., Morello, D. (2005). Human c-Myc isoforms differentially regulate cell growth and apoptosis in Drosophila melanogaster.  Mol. Cell. Biol. 25(22): 9897--9909.
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Research paper

The human c-myc proto-oncogene, implicated in the control of many cellular processes including cell growth and apoptosis, encodes three isoforms which differ in their N-terminal region. The functions of these isoforms have never been addressed in vivo. Here, we used Drosophila melanogaster to examine their functions in a fully integrated system. First, we established that the human c-Myc protein can rescue lethal mutations of the Drosophila myc ortholog, dmyc, demonstrating the biological relevance of this model. Then, we characterized a new lethal dmyc insertion allele, which permits expression of human c-Myc in place of dMyc and used it to compare physiological activities of these isoforms in whole-organism rescue, transcription, cell growth, and apoptosis. These isoforms differ both quantitatively and qualitatively. Most remarkably, while the small c-MycS form truncated for much of its N-terminal trans-activation domain efficiently rescued viability and cell growth, it did not induce detectable programmed cell death. Our data indicate that the main functional difference between c-Myc isoforms resides in their apoptotic properties and that the N-terminal region, containing the conserved MbI motif, is decisive in governing the choice between growth and death.

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PMC1280252 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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