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Kouranti, I., Sachse, M., Arouche, N., Goud, B., Echard, A. (2006). Rab35 regulates an endocytic recycling pathway essential for the terminal steps of cytokinesis.  Curr. Biol. 16(17): 1719--1725.
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Cytokinesis is the final step of cell division and leads to the physical separation of the daughter cells. After the ingression of a cleavage membrane furrow that pinches the mother cell, future daughter cells spend much of the cytokinesis phase connected by an intercellular bridge. Rab proteins are major regulators of intracellular transport in eukaryotes, and here, we report an essential role for human Rab35 in both the stability of the bridge and its final abscission. We find that Rab35, whose function in membrane traffic was unknown, is localized to the plasma membrane and endocytic compartments and controls a fast endocytic recycling pathway. Consistent with a key requirement for Rab35-regulated recycling during cell division, inhibition of Rab35 function leads to the accumulation of endocytic markers on numerous cytoplasmic vacuoles in cells that failed cytokinesis. Moreover, Rab35 is involved in the intercellular bridge localization of two molecules essential for the postfurrowing steps of cytokinesis: the phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bis phosphate (PIP2) lipid and the septin SEPT2. We propose that the Rab35-regulated pathway plays an essential role during the terminal steps of cytokinesis by controlling septin and PIP2 subcellular distribution during cell division.

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