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Dai, H., Yoshimatsu, T.F., Long, M. (2006). Retrogene movement within- and between-chromosomes in the evolution of Drosophila genomes.  Gene 385(): 96--102.
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Recent genomic analyses in Drosophila and mammals of inter-chromosomal retroposition have revealed that during evolution the retroposed genes that show male-biased expression tend to leave the X chromosome and opt for autosomal positions. Such a phenomenon may be a process of general, genomic and evolutionary relevance. It contributed to the unexpected overrepresentation of male-biased genes on the autosomes recently observed in microarray expression experiments. In this paper, we report our genomic analysis of within-chromosomal retroposition in Drosophila melanogaster, and compare it with the previously identified pattern of the between-chromosomal retroposition. We find that a surfeit of autosomal retroposed genes originated from parental genes located on the same chromosome, in contrast to the X chromosome in which only few genes retroposed in cis. Such an autosomal proximity effect implicates a role of the mutation process for retroposition in determining chromosomal locations of autosome-derived retroposed genes. Furthermore, this phenomenon supports the hypothesis that natural selection favors the retroposition of genes out of the X chromosome. Analyses of a large expression database for D. melanogaster genes revealed that the vast majority of the X-derived autosomal retroposed genes had evolved testis expression functions, consistent with other previous genomic analyses.

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