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Park, E., Suh, H., Kim, C., Park, S., Dorsett, D., Yim, J. (2007). Son of Notch, a winged-helix gene involved in boundary formation in the Drosophila wing.  IUBMB Life 59(12): 781--790.
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A P element enhancer trap screen was conducted to identify genes involved in dorsal-ventral boundary formation in Drosophila. The son of Notch (son) gene was identified by the son(2205) enhancer trap insertion, which is a partial loss-of-function mutation. Based on son(2205) mutant phenotypes and genetic interactions with Notch and wingless mutations, we conclude that son participates in wing development, and functions in the Notch signaling pathway at the dorsal-ventral boundary in the wing. Notch signaling pathway components activate son enhancer trap expression in wing cells. son enhancer trap expression is regulated positively by wingless, and negatively by cut in boundary cells. Ectopic Son protein induces wingless and cut expression in wing discs. We hypothesize that there is positive feedback regulation of son by wingless, and negative regulation by cut at the dorsal-ventral boundary during wing development.

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PMC2258214 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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