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Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center, (2008.8.7). Release 5 sequence coordinates of Exelixis deficiencies. 
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Determining the release 5 assembly molecular endpoints of deficiencies generated by Exelixis Inc. (Parks et al., 2004, FBrf0175003) has been problematic in cases where flanking sequence for the insertions used to generate the deficiencies is not available in GenBank, or the genomic location of that sequence is inconsistent with other information about the deficiency. In some cases Roger Hoskins' group (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) obtained flanking sequence from the hybrid insertion element associated with the deficiency itself and provided us with release 5 coordinates for those breakpoints. In the remaining cases we used the stated release 3 coordinates from Parks et al., 2004, Supplementary Table 2 (FBrf0174230), or from personal communications from Annette Parks (Exelixis Inc.) to the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center. The attached sequence coordinates are our best estimate of the molecular breakpoints of the Exelixis deficiencies in the Bloomington collection based on the available information. A comment indicating the basis for each coordinate is included. Conversion of sequence coordinates from release 3 to release 5 was done using the FlyBase Coordinate Converter tool.
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Personal communication to FlyBase

Df(2L)Exel6011 and P{XP}SP2637[d02085].
Parks, 2016.10.13, Df(2L)Exel6011 and P{XP}SP2637[d02085]. [FBrf0234093]

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