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Roote, J. (2008.8.22). Cambridge mutations. 
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From: 	Kevin Cook <kcook@XXXX>
To: 	FlyBase-Cambridge <flybase-cambridge@XXXX>
Cc: 	John Roote <j.roote@XXXX>
Subject: 	Cambridge mutations
Date: 	Thu, 14 Aug 2008  16:59:09  -0400  ( 21:59  BST)
The following information accompanied stocks donated to the 
Bloomington Stock Center by John Roote, University of Cambridge.
ms(2)34Fe[Z0639], ms(2)35Bi[Z0778], gft[Z1089], ms(2)35Bj[Z1683] and 
l(2)34Dh[Z2321] are EMS-induced mutations from the screen described 
in Koundakjian et al., Genetics 167: 203-206, 2004 (FBrf0179036).
ms(2)34Fe[Z0639] was male sterile in combination with ms(2)34Fe[1].
ms(2)35Bi[Z0778] was male sterile in combination with ms(2)35Bi[z0090].
gft[Z1089] was male sterile over gft[2].
ms(2)35Bj[Z1683] defines a new male sterile locus lying between 
l(2)35Bd and l(2)35Bg based on complementation with 
Df(2L)k08808-rv63, Df(2L)b84a3 and Df(2L)Pi1A1 and noncomplementation 
with Df(2L)fn31, Df(2L)b80k and Df(2L)TE35BC-24.  Candidates genes 
are therefore GABA-B-R1, CG33310 and CG31832.
l(2)34Dh[Z2321] defines a new locus mapping between kuz and l(2)34Db.
The presence of a lethal locus called l(2)35Cc was inferred from the 
lethality associated with Df(2L)rd9 (see FBrf0111326). PBac{WH}f03621 
(FBti0051348) was lethal in combination with Df(2L)rd9 and 
P{SUPor-P}CG15266[KG01622] (FBti0021701), but complemented alleles of 
rd. Consequently, CG15266 corresponds to l(2)35Cc and the two 
insertions should be renamed PBac{WH}l(2)35Cc[f03621] and 
Kevin Cook, Ph.D.               Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center
Department of Biology 
Jordan Hall 142
Indiana University              812-856-1213
1001 E. Third St.               812-855-2577 (fax)
Bloomington, IN  47405-7005     kcook@XXXX 
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