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Sinka, R., Gillingham, A.K., Kondylis, V., Munro, S. (2008). Golgi coiled-coil proteins contain multiple binding sites for Rab family G proteins.  J. Cell Biol. 183(4): 607--615.
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Vesicles and other carriers destined for the Golgi apparatus must be guided to the correct cisternae. Golgins, long coiled-coil proteins that localize to particular Golgi subdomains via their C termini, are candidate regulators of vesicle sorting. In this study, we report that the GRIP domain golgins, whose C termini bind the Arf-like 1 G protein on the trans-Golgi, can also bind four members of the Rab family of G proteins. The Rab2-, Rab6-, Rab19-, and Rab30-binding sites are within the coiled-coil regions that are not required for Golgi targeting. Binding sites for two of these Rabs are also present on two coiled-coil proteins of the cis-Golgi, the Drosophila melanogaster orthologues of GM130 and GMAP-210. We suggest an integrated model for a tentacular Golgi in which coiled-coil proteins surround the Golgi to capture and retain Rab-containing membranes, excluding other structures such as ribosomes. Binding sites for diverse Rabs could ensure that incoming carriers are captured on first contact and moved to their correct destination within the stack.

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PMC2582897 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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