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Younger, S. (2009.7.13). Ed Grell's P insertion mapping. 
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From: kercook@XXXX
Subject: Ed Grell's P insertion mapping
Date: July 13, 2009  9:51:27  AM GMT- 04:00 
To: flybase-cambridge@XXXX
The following information was provided to the Bloomington Stock Center by Susan Younger, University of California at San Francisco.
Ed Grell mapped four P element insertions.
P{lacW}elav5-45fD mapped to 0.0 cM on the X chromosome.  It is an enhancer trap insertion of elav.  It is currently listed in FlyBase as P{lacW}5-45fD (FBti0001034), but FBrf0049800 indicates that elav levels are affected in the insertion line, and so the insertion line should be named as an elav allele, even though the insertion is upstream of the gene.
P{lacW}ogre5-45fP mapped to 17.6 cM on the X chromosome.  It is an insertion in the ogre gene.  P{lacW}5-45fP and P{lacW}5-45fD were isolated as insertions in the same line (5-45) and were named "D" for "distal" and "P" for proximal.  P{lacW}ogre5-45fP is currently listed as P{lacW}4-5fP (FBti0001033) in FlyBase and in the Bloomington stocklist.  P{lacW}4-5fP should be retained as a synonym.
P{lacW}3-52d (FBti0001031) is inserted at 48.4 cM on the X chromosome. 
P{lacW}3-76a (FBti0001032) is inserted at 60.7 cM on the X chromosome. 
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