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Zhang, Y.E., Vibranovski, M.D., Krinsky, B.H., Long, M. (2010). Age-dependent chromosomal distribution of male-biased genes in Drosophila.  Genome Res. 20(11): 1526--1533.
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We investigated the correlation between the chromosomal location and age distribution of new male-biased genes formed by duplications via DNA intermediates (DNA-level) or by de novo origination in Drosophila. Our genome-wide analysis revealed an excess of young X-linked male-biased genes. The proportion of X-linked male-biased genes then diminishes through time, leading to an autosomal excess of male-biased genes. The switch between X-linked and autosomal enrichment of male-biased genes was also present in the distribution of both protein-coding genes on the D. pseudoobscura neo-X chromosome and microRNA genes of D. melanogaster. These observations revealed that the evolution of male-biased genes is more complicated than the previously detected one-step X→A gene traffic and the enrichment of the male-biased genes on autosomes. The pattern we detected suggests that the interaction of various evolutionary forces such as the meiotic sex chromosome inactivation (MSCI), faster-X effect, and sexual antagonism in the male germline might have shaped the chromosomal distribution of male-biased genes on different evolutionary time scales.

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PMC2963816 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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Summary of published retrogene analyses.
dos Santos, 2014, Summary of published retrogene analyses. [FBrf0225799]

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