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Shukla, A., Tapadia, M.G. (2011). Differential localization and processing of apoptotic proteins in Malpighian tubules of Drosophila during metamorphosis.  Europ. J. Cell Biol. 90(1): 72--80.
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Drosophila development proceeds through three larval stages, before it pupates to reach adulthood. During pupation, larval tissues are destructed by programmed cell death and replaced by adult structures. Programmed cell death is a tightly regulated process accomplished by the induction of three closely linked pro-apoptotic genes reaper, hid and grim, ultimately leading to the activation of caspases, DRONC and DRICE and results in cell death. Unlike other larval tissues, Malpighian tubules are unique in not undergoing characteristic ecdysone-induced apoptosis and are carried to the adults. In this paper we show that apoptotic proteins, HID, GRIM, DRONC and DRICE are expressed in the Malpighian tubules, however they are sequestered in the nucleus. Significantly DRONC and DRICE are not enzymatically processed to active forms in the Malpighian tubules, however, ectopic expression of pro-apoptotic proteins leads to malformed Malpighian tubules and lethality. We also show that the Drosophila inhibitor of apoptotic protein 1, DIAP1, is localized and processed differently in Malpighian tubules. These results provide first evidence in favor of differential activity of apoptotic proteins in Malpighian tubules.

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