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Oberegelsbacher, C., Schneidler, C., Voolstra, O., Cerny, A., Huber, A. (2011). The Drosophila TRPL ion channel shares a Rab-dependent translocation pathway with rhodopsin.  Europ. J. Cell Biol. 90(8): 620--630.
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The Drosophila visual transduction cascade is embedded in the rhabdomeres of photoreceptor cells and culminates in the opening of the two ion channels, TRP and TRPL. TRPL translocates from the rhabdomeres to the cell body upon illumination and vice versa when flies are kept in the dark. Here, we studied the mechanisms underlying the light-dependent internalization of TRPL. Co-localization of TRPL and rhodopsin in endocytic particles revealed that TRPL is internalized by a vesicular transport pathway that is also utilized, at least partially, for rhodopsin endocytosis. TRPL internalization is attenuated under light conditions that result in a high rate of rhodopsin internalization and is highest in orange light that result in very little rhodopsin internalization. In line with a canonical vesicular transport pathway, we found that rab proteins, Rab5 and RabX4, are required for the internalization of TRPL into the cell body. Our results provide insight into stimulus-dependent internalization of a prominent member of the TRP superfamily.

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