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Hornbruch-Freitag, C., Griemert, B., Buttgereit, D., Renkawitz-Pohl, R. (2011). Drosophila Swiprosin-1/EFHD2 accumulates at the prefusion complex stage during Drosophila myoblast fusion.  J. Cell Sci. 124(19): 3266--3278.
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In the Drosophila embryo, transient cell adhesion during myoblast fusion is known to lead to the formation of fusion-restricted myogenic-adhesive structures (FuRMASs). Here, we report that within these FuRMASs, a Drosophila homologue of human and mouse swiprosins (EF-hand-domain-containing proteins) is expressed, which we named Drosophila Swiprosin-1 (Drosophila Swip-1). Drosophila Swip-1 is highly conserved and is closely related to the calcium-binding proteins swiprosin-1 and swiprosin-2 that have a role in the immune system in humans and mice. Our study shows that Drosophila Swip-1 is also expressed in corresponding cells of the Drosophila immune system. During myoblast fusion, Drosophila Swip-1 accumulates transiently in the foci of fusion-competent myoblasts (FCMs). Both the EF-hand and the coiled-coil domain of Drosophila Swip-1 are required to localise the protein to these foci. The formation of Drosophila Swip-1 foci requires successful cell adhesion between FCMs and founder cells (FCs) or growing myotubes. Moreover, Drosophila Swip-1 foci were found to increase in number in sing(22) mutants, which arrest myoblast fusion after prefusion complex formation. By contrast, Drosophila Swip-1 foci are not significantly enriched in blow(2) and kette(J4-48) mutants, which stop myogenesis beyond the prefusion complex stage but before plasma membrane merging. Therefore, we hypothesise that Drosophila Swip-1 participates in the breakdown of the prefusion complex during the progression of myoblast fusion.

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