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Paik, D., Jang, Y.G., Lee, Y.E., Lee, Y.N., Yamamoto, R., Gee, H.Y., Yoo, S., Bae, E., Min, K.J., Tatar, M., Park, J.J. (2012). Misexpression screen delineates novel genes controlling Drosophila lifespan.  Mech. Ageing Dev. 133(5): 234--245.
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Research paper

In an initial preliminary screen we identified factors associated with controlling Drosophila aging by examining longevity in adults where EP elements induced over-expression or antisense-RNA at genes adjacent to each insertion. Here, we study 45 EP lines that initially showed at least 10% longer mean lifespan than controls. These 45 lines and a daughterless (da)-Gal4 stock were isogenized into a CS10 wild-type background. Sixteen EP lines corresponding to 15 genes significantly extended lifespan when their target genes were driven by da-Gal4. In each case, the target genes were seen to be over-expressed. Independently derived UAS-gene transgenic stocks were available or made for two candidates: ImpL2 which is ecdysone-inducible gene L2, and CG33138, 1,4-alpha-glucan branching enzyme. With both, adult lifespan was increased upon over-expression via the GeneSwitch inducible Gal4 driver system. Several genes in this set of 15 correspond to previously discovered longevity assurance systems such as insulin/IGF-1 signaling, gene silencing, and autophagy; others suggest new potential mechanisms for the control of aging including mRNA synthesis and maturation, intracellular vesicle trafficking, and neuroendocrine regulation.

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PMC3359393 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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