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Berger, C., Harzer, H., Burkard, T.R., Steinmann, J., van der Horst, S., Laurenson, A.S., Novatchkova, M., Reichert, H., Knoblich, J.A. (2012). FACS Purification and Transcriptome Analysis of Drosophila Neural Stem Cells Reveals a Role for Klumpfuss in Self-Renewal.  Cell Rep. 2(2): 407--418.
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Drosophila neuroblasts (NBs) have emerged as a model for stem cell biology that is ideal for genetic analysis but is limited by the lack of cell-type-specific gene expression data. Here, we describe a method for isolating large numbers of pure NBs and differentiating neurons that retain both cell-cycle and lineage characteristics. We determine transcriptional profiles by mRNA sequencing and identify 28 predicted NB-specific transcription factors that can be arranged in a network containing hubs for Notch signaling, growth control, and chromatin regulation. Overexpression and RNA interference for these factors identify Klumpfuss as a regulator of self-renewal. We show that loss of Klumpfuss function causes premature differentiation and that overexpression results in the formation of transplantable brain tumors. Our data represent a valuable resource for investigating Drosophila developmental neurobiology, and the described method can be applied to other invertebrate stem cell lineages as well.

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Obtained with permission from Cell Press.
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PMC3828055 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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Extended Experimental Procedures [FBrf0219846]

Personal communication to FlyBase

Neuroblast and neuron RNA-Seq tracks.
Berger, 2012.10.16, Neuroblast and neuron RNA-Seq tracks. [FBrf0219845]

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