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Collins, H., Moon, N.S. (2013). The Components of Drosophila Histone Chaperone dCAF-1 Are Required for the Cell Death Phenotype Associated with rbf1 Mutation.  G3 (Bethesda) 3(10): 1639--1647.
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Research paper

A Polycomb group protein, Posterior sex combs (Psc), was identified in a genetic screen designed to find factors that can specifically induce morphological defects in rbf1 mutant eyes. We discovered that rbf1 mutations enhance developmental phenotypes caused by Psc overexpression such as ectopic cell death and disorganized ommatidia. Our genetic analysis revealed that Psc-induced developmental defects are strongly influenced by CAF1p55, which is a shared component of several chromatin-associated complexes including a histone chaperone complex, chromatin assembly factor-1 (dCAF-1). Interestingly, the expression levels of dCAF-1 components, CAF1p105 and CAF1p180, are increased in rbf1 mutants, whereas the expression level of CAF1p55 itself remains relatively unchanged. We demonstrated that the increased levels of CAF1p105 and CAF1p180 are required for the hypersensitivity of rbf1 mutant cells to Psc-induced cell death and for the developmentally regulated cell death normally observed in rbf1 mutant eyes. We propose that Caf1p105 and Caf1p180 are important determinants of cell death sensitivity in rbf1 mutant cells and contribute to the genetic interaction between Psc and rbf1.

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PMC3789789 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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