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Yamamoto, S., Jaiswal, M., Sandoval, H., Bayat, V., Zhang, K., Xiong, B., Charng, W.L., Haelterman, N.A., Jiang, L., Li, Y., David, G., Li, T., Chen, K., Gala, U., Jawaid, A., Gibbs, S., Bei, D., Lu, H.C., Busby, T., Lin-Moore, A., Schulze, K.L., Chen, R., Bellen, H.J. (2013-). X chromosome lethals from the Bellen lab. 
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Shinya Yamamoto*, Manish Jaiswal*, Hector Sandoval, Vafa Bayat, Ke Zhang, Bo Xiong, Wu-Lin Charng, Nele A. Haelterman, Lichun Jiang, Yumei Li, Gabriela David, Tongchao Li, Kuchuan Chen, Upasana Gala, Adeel Jawaid, Stephen Gibbs, Danqing Bei, Hsiang-Chih Lu, Theodore Busby, Alexander Lin-Moore, Karen L. Schulze, Rui Chen and Hugo J Bellen. 
*Equal contribution
This collection was generated by the Bellen lab as part of a forward genetic screen on the X chromosome which utilized low concentrations of ethyl methane sulfonate to minimize lethal hits per chromosome. More detailed methods are presented here: FBrf0220110, FBrf0221023, FBrf0220111, FBrf0222390 (see also Shinya Yamamoto, Manish Jaiswal et al., Large scale isolation of genes affecting neuronal development, function, or maintenance in Drosophila. In preparation). Briefly, y1 w* P{ry+neoFRT}19A chromosomes were mutagenized and balanced stocks were established. Selection was based on phenotypic characterization of homozygous mutant tissues in two types of clones – electroretinograms of ey-FLP eye clones and morphological observation of wings and thoraces of Ubx-FLP clones. Complementation tests, duplication mapping and Pacman mapping were performed, and mutations in selected cases were determined by PCR and Sanger sequencing and/or whole genome sequencing.
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A Drosophila genetic resource of mutants to study mechanisms underlying human genetic diseases.
Yamamoto et al., 2014, Cell 159(1): 200--214 [FBrf0226297]

Large-scale identification of chemically induced mutations in Drosophila melanogaster.
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Personal communication to FlyBase

X chromosome lethal corrections.
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X chromosome lethal location updates.
Haelterman, 2015.3.20, X chromosome lethal location updates. [FBrf0227902]

Dp(1;3)DC286 does not rescue lethality of mRps25[A] chromosome.
Schulze and Bellen, 2016.12.13, Dp(1;3)DC286 does not rescue lethality of mRps25[A] chromosome. [FBrf0234455]

Location data for Dlic mutations.
Yamamoto et al., 2018.8.22, Location data for Dlic mutations. [FBrf0245571]

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