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Han, H., Fan, J., Xiong, Y., Wu, W., Lu, Y., Zhang, L., Zhao, Y. (2016). Chi and dLMO function antagonistically on Notch signaling through directly regulation of fng transcription.  Sci. Rep. 6(): 18937.
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Gene apterous (ap), chip (chi) and beadex (bx) play important roles in the dorsal-ventral compartmentalization in Drosophila wing discs. Meanwhile, Notch signaling is essential to the same process. It has been reported that Ap and Chi function as a tetramer to regulate Notch signaling. At the same time, dLMO (the protein product of gene bx) regulates the activity of Ap by competing its binding with Chi. However, the detailed functions of Chi and dLMO on Notch signaling and the relevant mechanisms remain largely unknown. Here, we report the detailed functions of Chi and dLMO on Notch signaling. Different Chi protein levels in adjacent cells could activate Notch signaling mainly in the cells with higher level of Chi. dLMO could induce antagonistical phenotypes on Notch signaling compared to that induced by Chi. These processes depend on their direct regulation of fringe (fng) transcription.

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PMC4704065 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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