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Meyer, H., Callaerts, P., Wolfner, M.F., Marygold, S.J. (2018.7.18). D. melanogaster M13/neprilysin genes. 
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Combined analysis of the MEROPS database (, several published papers (FBrf0224452, FBrf0214506, FBrf0204608, FBrf0134455) and InterPro annotations (Peptidase M13 family", IPR000718) in FlyBase identifies a total of 28 D. melanogaster genes encoding M13 class metalloendopeptidases.  7 of these contain all four of the conserved motifs identified as important for catalytic activity in vertebrate neprilysins - these are classed as 'Neprilysins' and given a 'Nep' prefix, and include the previously named genes Nep1, Nep2, Nep3, Nep4 and Nep5. The other 21 genes encode proteins with significant similarity to Neprilysins but lack one of more of the catalytically important motifs - these may be catalytically inactive, and are classed as 'Neprilysin-like' and given a 'Nepl' prefix. The names of 'frma' (CG3239) and 'goe' (CG9634) have not been changed, but 'Nepl1' and 'Nepl2' are added as respective synonyms to recognize the fact they were the first and second Nep-like genes to be characterized. The remaining Nepl genes are given a numerical suffix, incremented based on their genomic location. See associated files for additional information and analysis.
The full list of Nep and Nepl genes:
CG5905	Nep1
CG9761	Nep2
CG9565	Nep3
CG4058	Nep4
CG6265	Nep5
CG3775	Nep6
CG5527	Nep7
CG3239	frma (Nepl1)
CG9634	goe (Nepl2)
Nepl3	CG31918
Nepl4	CG9505
Nepl5	CG9507
Nepl6	CG42370
Nepl7	CG15485
Nepl8	CG4580
Nepl9	CG13283
Nepl10	CG8550
Nepl11	CG9780
Nepl12	CG8358
Nepl13	CG4725
Nepl14	CG4723
Nepl15	CG4721
Nepl16	CG13650
Nepl17	CG14529
Nepl18	CG14528
Nepl19	CG14523
Nepl20	CG14527
Nepl21	CG14526
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