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Zhang, W., Guo, C., Chen, D., Peng, Q., Pan, Y. (2018). Hierarchical Control of Drosophila Sleep, Courtship, and Feeding Behaviors by Male-Specific P1 Neurons.  Neurosci. Bull. 34(6): 1105--1110.
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Animals choose among sleep, courtship, and feeding behaviors based on the integration of both external sensory cues and internal states; such choices are essential for survival and reproduction. These competing behaviors are closely related and controlled by distinct neural circuits, but whether they are also regulated by shared neural nodes is unclear. Here, we investigated how a set of male-specific P1 neurons controls sleep, courtship, and feeding behaviors in Drosophila males. We found that mild activation of P1 neurons was sufficient to affect sleep, but not courtship or feeding, while stronger activation of P1 neurons labeled by four out of five independent drivers induced courtship, but only the driver that targeted the largest number of P1 neurons affected feeding. These results reveal a common neural node that affects sleep, courtship, and feeding in a threshold-dependent manner, and provide insights into how competing behaviors can be regulated by a shared neural node.

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PMC6246841 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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A Shared Neural Node for Multiple Innate Behaviors in Drosophila.
Ho, 2018, Neurosci. Bull. 34(6): 1103--1104 [FBrf0240881]

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