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Angulo, B., Srinivasan, S., Bolival, B.J., Olivares, G.H., Spence, A.C., Fuller, M.T. (2019). DREF Genetically Counteracts Mi-2 and Caf1 to Regulate Adult Stem Cell Maintenance.  PLoS Genet. 15(6): e1008187.
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Active adult stem cells maintain a bipotential state with progeny able to either self-renew or initiate differentiation depending on extrinsic signals from the surrounding microenvironment. However, the intrinsic gene regulatory networks and chromatin states that allow adult stem cells to make these cell fate choices are not entirely understood. Here we show that the transcription factor DNA Replication-related Element Factor (DREF) regulates adult stem cell maintenance in the Drosophila male germline. A temperature-sensitive allele of DREF described in this study genetically separated a role for DREF in germline stem cell self-renewal from the general roles of DREF in cell proliferation. The DREF temperature-sensitive allele caused defects in germline stem cell self-renewal but allowed viability and division of germline stem cells as well as cell viability, growth and division of somatic cyst stem cells in the testes and cells in the Drosophila eye. Germline stem cells mutant for the temperature sensitive DREF allele exhibited lower activation of a TGF-beta reporter, and their progeny turned on expression of the differentiation factor Bam prematurely. Results of genetic interaction analyses revealed that Mi-2 and Caf1/p55, components of the Nucleosome Remodeling and Deacetylase (NuRD) complex, genetically antagonize the role of DREF in germline stem cell maintenance. Taken together, these data suggest that DREF contributes to intrinsic components of the germline stem cell regulatory network that maintains competence to self-renew.

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PMC6619835 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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