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Xiong, L., Zhang, L., Yang, Y., Li, N., Lai, W., Wang, F., Zhu, X., Wang, T. (2019). ER complex proteins are required for rhodopsin biosynthesis and photoreceptor survival in Drosophila and mice.  Cell Death Differ. (): .
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Defective rhodopsin homeostasis is one of the major causes of retinal degeneration, including the disease Retinitis pigmentosa. To identify cellular factors required for the biosynthesis of rhodopsin, we performed a genome-wide genetic screen in Drosophila for mutants with reduced levels of rhodopsin. We isolated loss-of-function alleles in endoplasmic reticulum membrane protein complex 3 (emc3), emc5, and emc6, each of which exhibited defective phototransduction and photoreceptor cell degeneration. EMC3, EMC5, and EMC6 were essential for rhodopsin synthesis independent of the ER associated degradation (ERAD) pathway, which eliminates misfolded proteins. We generated null mutations for all EMC subunits, and further demonstrated that different EMC subunits play roles in different cellular functions. Conditional knockout of the Emc3 gene in mice led to mislocalization of rhodopsin protein and death of cone and rod photoreceptor cells. These data indicate conserved roles for EMC subunits in maintaining rhodopsin homeostasis and photoreceptor function, and suggest that retinal degeneration may also be caused by defects in early biosynthesis of rhodopsin.

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PMC7206144 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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