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Czajkowski, E.R., Cisneros, M., Garcia, B.S., Shen, J., Cripps, R.M. (2021). The Drosophila CG1674 gene encodes a synaptopodin 2-like related protein that localizes to the Z-disc and is required for normal flight muscle development and function.  Dev. Dyn. 250(1): 99--110.
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Research paper

To identify novel myofibrillar components of the Drosophila flight muscles, we carried out a proteomic analysis of chemically demembranated flight muscle myofibrils, and characterized the knockdown phenotype of a novel gene identified in the screen, CG1674. The CG1674 protein has some similarity to vertebrate synaptopodin 2-like, and when expressed as a FLAG-tagged fusion protein, it was localized during development to the Z-disc and cytoplasm. Knockdown of CG1674 expression affected the function of multiple muscle types, and defective flight in adults was accompanied by large actin-rich structures in the flight muscles that resembled overgrown Z-discs. Localization of CG1674 to the Z-disc depended predominantly upon presence of the Z-disc component alpha-actinin, but also depended upon other Z-disc components, including Mask, Zasp52, and Sals. We also observed re-localization of FLAG-CG1674 to the nucleus in Alpha-actinin and sals knockdown animals. These studies identify and characterize a previously unreported myofibrillar component of Drosophila muscle that is necessary for proper myofibril assembly during development.

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PMC7902442 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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