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D. melanogaster
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approximately tetraploid

XO-haplo-IV pseudodiploid

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    Kc167 cells were obtained from the Harvard RNAi screening center (DRSC).

    Kc167 cells were obtained from the laboratory of Rachel Green.

    Stable cell line generated: A stable Kc167 cell line was created to be a "Notch reporter". It contains 24 MS2 stem loops and the coding sequence of LacZ in the endogenous N-regulated E(spl)mβ-HLH gene in the context of a stable cell line expressing MCP-GFP (MCP-GFP is a MS2-binding protein).

    Stable cell line generated: Kc167 cells were stably transfected with Ras85D cDNAs modified to contain "common" or "rare" codons.

    Stable cell line generated: Stable Kc167 cell lines were generated expressing wild type brm or mutant brm (K804R).

    Expression profiling by genome tiling array for this cell line (response to 5 hr ecdysone treatment) may be found at GEO: GSE16269 (

    Expression of cell-type specific markers correlates with that of plasmatocytes.

    Expression profiling by genome tiling array for this cell line may be found at GEO: GSE16273 (

    RNA-Seq transcription profile for this cell line may be found at GEO: GSE15596 ( and GEO: GSE18040 ( See also the FlyBase collection report modENCODE_mRNA-Seq_cell.A (FBlc0000116) and FlyBase RNA-Seq GBrowse view.

    Kc167 is one of the four lines chosen for extensive analysis by the modENCODE project.

    Hemocyte-like gene expression, phagocytic, uniformly round, clump in sheets, ecdysone-responsive into adherent, bipolar spindle-shaped cells.

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    DGRC - Stock center for Drosophila cDNAs, vectors, and cell lines
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