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D. melanogaster
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male (based on MSL complex assembly on X chromosome)
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    Stable cell line generated: Drosophila S2 stable cell lines expressing pum were generated

    S2-DGRC cells were obtained from the Cherbas lab., Indiana University.

    Stable cell line generated:

    Stable cell line generated: S2 cells were stably transfected with pMT-FLAG-CCT7.

    Stable cell line generated: S2 cells were stably transfected with Ras85D cDNAs modified to contain "common" or "rare" codons.

    Stable cell line generated:Stable S2-DGRC cell lines expressing FLAG-tagged wild-type and mutant versions of IntS8 under the control of the ubi-p63E promoter were generated.

    Stable cell line generated: Stable S2 cell lines were generated expressing Sf3a2-mRFP1, or Prp31EGFP under the control of the actin promoter, and Ndc80-Tag:TAP under the control of the MtnA promoter.

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    DGRC - Stock center for Drosophila cDNAs, vectors, and cell lines
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    (Cairrão et al., 2022, Gao et al., 2022, Kiparaki et al., 2022, Munden et al., 2022, Nam et al., 2022, Nandi et al., 2022, Schellinger et al., 2022, Starke et al., 2022, Ueda et al., 2022, Yang et al., 2022, Aleman et al., 2021, Chen et al., 2021, Chen et al., 2021, Cho et al., 2021, Chokshi et al., 2021, Coni et al., 2021, Deliconstantinos et al., 2021, Inal et al., 2021, Kamiyama et al., 2021, Liu et al., 2021, Mok and Choi, 2021, Nagel et al., 2021, Ngian et al., 2021, Regadas et al., 2021, Rosenthal et al., 2021, Tokamov et al., 2021, Wang et al., 2021, Won and Cho, 2021, Yang and Choi, 2021, Yang et al., 2021, Yoshinari et al., 2021, Zheng et al., 2021, Casler et al., 2020, Chen et al., 2020, Csordás et al., 2020, Cunha-Silva et al., 2020, Garcia-Marques et al., 2020, Han et al., 2020, Hao et al., 2020, Kasinathan et al., 2020, Liu et al., 2020, McGough et al., 2020, Nadeau and Teets, 2020, Nam and Cho, 2020, Platenkamp et al., 2020, Reddington et al., 2020, Sawyer et al., 2020, Seong et al., 2020, Sethi et al., 2020, Stapornwongkul et al., 2020, Vaid et al., 2020, Wang et al., 2020, Zelhof et al., 2020, Ahlers et al., 2019, Bertran et al., 2019, Deger et al., 2019, Hudson et al., 2019, Mageeney and Ware, 2019, Osswald et al., 2019, Petri et al., 2019, Russo et al., 2019, Tettey et al., 2019, Won et al., 2019, Wu et al., 2019, Yu et al., 2019, Yu et al., 2019, Adikes et al., 2018, Baena-Lopez et al., 2018, Blazquez et al., 2018, Cara et al., 2018, Gray et al., 2018, Henriques et al., 2018, Kale et al., 2018, Li and Baker, 2018, Li et al., 2018, Mahato et al., 2018, Martin et al., 2018, Munden et al., 2018, Pellacani et al., 2018, Shan et al., 2018, Xu et al., 2018, Yan et al., 2018, Yashiro et al., 2018, Anderson and Wharton, 2017, Berndt et al., 2017, Cherbas et al., 2017.4.19, Hsia et al., 2017, Luo et al., 2017, Martin et al., 2017, Neukomm et al., 2017, Pérez-Moreno et al., 2017, Ramachandran et al., 2017, Strom et al., 2017, Gajan et al., 2016, Girdler et al., 2016, Ji and Tulin, 2016, Saha et al., 2016, Sanfilippo et al., 2016, Kiparaki et al., 2015, Liu et al., 2015, Ray et al., 2015, Trogden and Rogers, 2015, Wang and Page-McCaw, 2014, Degoutin et al., 2013, Manning et al., 2013, Busayavalasa et al., 2012, Currie et al., 2011, Mukherjee and Hanley, 2010, Tie et al., 2009, Cherbas, 2008.11.12, Tanaka et al., 2008, Tie et al., 2007)
    S2 cells (from DGRC)
    S2-DGRC clone 6
    Schneider 2
    Schneider's 2
    Schneider's line 2
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