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D. melanogaster
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male (based on expression levels of roX genes, msl-2 and traF; splicing patterns of tra and Sxl)
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    S2R+ cells stably expressing Actin-Gal4 ( source:Prof . Satyajit Mayor lab, NCBS, Bangalore-India).

    S2R+ cells stably expressing LiveDrop-GFP or f S2 cells stably expressing LiveDrop-RFP were used.

    Stable cell line generated: A stable S2 cell line deleted for the Pex1 gene was created.

    S2R + cells were obtained from the laboratory of Sven Bogdan.

    S2R+ (FEx 2.5%), S2R+ cells supplemented with adult fly extract used.

    S2R+ cells were obtained from the Carthew lab.

    S2R+ cells were obtained from the laboratory of N. Perrimon.

    Source of S2R+ cells: DGRC.

    Source of S2R+ cells: E. Chen (UT Southwestern).

    Stable cell line generated: S2R+ cells were stably transfected with copper-inducible Myc-tagged Clk1alpha.

    Stable cell line generated:A Tag:FLAG was inserted in the endogenous cav locus using CRISPR/Cas9.

    Stable cell line generated:An Act-PE2 (prime editor 2) cell line was generated for use in prime editing. PE2 is expressed under the Act5C promoter.

    Stable cell lines generated: S2R+ cell expressing wildtype or mutant Tbce from the Act5C promoter were created.

    S2R+ cells in which the fdl gene is deleted were obtained from the laboratory of D. Jarvis.

    Stable cell line generated: Stable cell lines containing separase cleavage reporter constructs consisting of the MtnA promoter driving expression of cid for centromere localization fused to RFP and EGFP separated by CG8712 or vtd wild-type and mutant separase cleavage sites.

    Stable cell line generated:A stable S2R+ cell line was generated lacking endogenous Stat92E by CRISPR/Cas9-mediated mutatgenesis.

    Stable cell lines generated:expressing RNAi resistant versions of RN-tre tagged with Tag:Myc under the control of a MT promoter.

    An S2R+ cell line with a knockout gig mutation was used.

    Both S2R+ and S2R+Wb (Wolbachia) cells were used.

    S2R+ cells were obtained from the laboratory of N. Yanagawa.

    Stable cell lines generated: Stable S2R+ cell lines containing C-terminal and N-terminal fusions of Vap33 or Vap33(P58S) with GFP were created.

    Tag:FLAG-Tag:HA-AGO2 stable S2R+ cells from the laboratory of Eric Lai were used.

    S2R+ cells stably expressing Actin-GAL4 (obtained from the laboratory of Satyajit Mayor, NCBS, Bangalore) were used.

    S2R+ cells stably expressing Actin-GAL4 were used.

    Stable cell line generated: S2R+ cells were stably transfected with a pCasper-tub-mitoGFP encoding a tubulin promoter driven human COX VIII mitochondrial targeting signal fused to the N-terminus of EGFP.

    Stable cell line generated: Stable cell lines were generated to express constructs containing destabilizing domains (genetic tags that conditionally control the level of abundance of proteins of interest with specific stabilizing small-molecule drugs).

    Stable cell line generated: a stable S2R+ cell line expressing AkhR was generated.

    Expression of general hemocyte markers observed.

    Expression profiling by genome tiling array for this cell line may be found at GEO: GSE16287 (

    S2R+ is an isolate of S2 that has receptors for wg signalling. It is more strongly adherent to the substrate than other S2 cells available from the DGRC.

    SR2+ is an isolate of S2 cells that was found in the Miyake laboratory freezer. It was contributed to the Miyake lab by Imogene Schneider and is likely to be very similar to the original S2 line.

    Hemocyte-like gene expression, phagocytic, adherent, flat cells; Fz+ and Wg-responsive.

    S2R+ cells express fz and fz2, and respond to the addition of extracellular wg protein by elevating arm protein levels and hyperphosphorylating dsh protein.

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    DGRC - Stock center for Drosophila cDNAs, vectors, and cell lines
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    S2 receptor plus
    (Carnesecchi et al., 2022, Del Castillo et al., 2022, Ding et al., 2022, Ho et al., 2022, Horard et al., 2022, Joseph et al., 2022, Känel et al., 2022, Kumari et al., 2022, Lu et al., 2022, Mariyappa et al., 2022, Nath et al., 2022, Singh et al., 2022, Starke et al., 2022, Ueda et al., 2022, Wu et al., 2022, Xu et al., 2022, Arquier et al., 2021, Bai et al., 2021, Bajusz et al., 2021, Basak et al., 2021, Bawankar et al., 2021, Bejarano et al., 2021, Benincá et al., 2021, Bosch et al., 2021, Brischigliaro et al., 2021, Ding et al., 2021, Dong et al., 2021, Feng et al., 2021, Formicola et al., 2021, Gore et al., 2021, Hirschhäuser et al., 2021, Joseph and Lai, 2021, Kim et al., 2021, Kula-Eversole et al., 2021, Lee et al., 2021, Lee et al., 2021, Luhur et al., 2021, Maglioni et al., 2021, Mariyappa et al., 2021, Melo et al., 2021, Métivier et al., 2021, On et al., 2021, Rai et al., 2021, Saad and Hipfner, 2021, Safieddine et al., 2021, Serratì et al., 2021, Srivastava et al., 2021, 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