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General Information
D. melanogaster
FlyBase ID
Also Known As
Dpp-LacZ, dpp-lacZ10638, dpp-lacZP10638, dpp10638-lacZ, dppZ, dpp10638
Inserted Element

lacZ reporter

Affected gene(s)
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Genomic Location
Chromosomal Location
2L ( 22F2 )
Sequence Location
2L:2,454,515..2,454,515 [+]
Target / Docking site
Member of Large Scale Dataset(s)

Insertion lines from this collection were assessed for inclusion in the Gene Disruption Project collection.

A set of mutant stocks derived by insertional mutagenesis using the P-element construct P{PZ}; most lines have a lethal or sterile phenotype. The P{PZ} construct carries a ry[+] visible marker, Ecol\lacZ enhancer trap sequences, and bacterial sequences that allow plasmid rescue.

Detailed Mapping Data
Chromosome (arm)
Sequence Location
2L:2,454,515..2,454,515 [+]
Cytological location (computed by FlyBase)
22F2 (inferred by FlyBase from sequence location)
Cytological location (reported)
22F1-22F4 (in situ hybridization reported)
Insertion into Natural transposon
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Inserted Element
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Alleles and Phenotypes
(Saad and Hipfner, 2021, Rust et al., 2020, Takemura et al., 2020, Zappia et al., 2020, Praktiknjo et al., 2018, Xu et al., 2018, Dahal et al., 2017, Requena et al., 2017, Maier et al., 2014, Roy et al., 2014, Guo et al., 2013, Paul et al., 2013, Peterson and O'Connor, 2013, Pitsouli and Perrimon, 2013, Wojcinski et al., 2011, Casali, 2010, Cheng et al., 2010, Ninov et al., 2010, Yan et al., 2010, Yan et al., 2009, Zhang et al., 2009, Cordero et al., 2007, Grammont, 2007, Callejo et al., 2006, Crickmore and Mann, 2006, Crickmore and Mann, 2006, de Navas et al., 2006, Poulton and Deng, 2006, Wehn and Campbell, 2006, Yasunaga et al., 2006, Panakova et al., 2005, Rogulja and Irvine, 2005, Kankel et al., 2004, Kato et al., 2004, Kwon et al., 2004, Ryoo et al., 2004, Torroja et al., 2004, Wilk et al., 2004, Farge, 2003, Xi et al., 2003, Crack et al., 2002, Micchelli et al., 2002, Briscoe et al., 2001, Hasson et al., 2001, Lefers et al., 2001, Methot and Basler, 2001, Reed et al., 2001, Suzanne et al., 2001, Campbell and Tomlinson, 2000, Cavodeassi et al., 2000, Dobens et al., 2000, Methot and Basler, 2000, Miletich and Limbourg-Bouchon, 2000, Tomoyasu et al., 2000, Usui and Simpson, 2000, Wehrli et al., 2000, Agnes et al., 1999, Burke et al., 1999, Campbell and Tomlinson, 1999, Cavodeassi et al., 1999, Gelbart, 1999.7.20, Hepker et al., 1999, Kopp et al., 1999, Methot and Basler, 1999, Chen and Struhl, 1998, Jackle and Janning, 1998.8.10, Schweizer and Basler, 1998, Vosshall, 1998.8.10, Goto and Hayashi, 1997, Hepker et al., 1997, Kopp et al., 1997, Schneider and Spradling, 1997, Struhl et al., 1997, Burke and Basler, 1996, Chen and Struhl, 1996, Forbes et al., 1996, Twombly et al., 1996, Jiang and Struhl, 1995, Zecca et al., 1995)
Expression Data
Reporter Expression
distribution deduced from reporter
Tissue/Position (including subcellular localization)
Additional Information

dpp reporter is barely expressed in anterior and posterior dorsal nests histoblasts at 4-6h APF and not at all in surrounding LECs. Only a small group of cells in the ventral nest begin to express at this stage. During the onset of histoblast expansion (16-17h APF), dpp-LacZ is expressed in discrete dorsal cells from the anterior dorsal and ventral nest. In addition, dpp reporter is upregulated in most larval epidermal cells surrounding each of the four nests.

In addtion to expression anterior to and close to the A/P boundary of third instar wing discs, dpp reporter expression is observed in a proximal region of the posterior compartment beginning in the mid-third-instar larval stage. In the adult wing, staining is observed along the A/P border and in the axillary cord but not in the alula.

dppFBtr0091350:pb-XREcol\lacZexpression pattern in the wing disc is restricted to a stripe of cells alongthe antrior-posterior compartment boundary.

In embryo, expression in anterior spiracles and in PNS not certain.

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  • FBti0000225
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