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General Information
D. melanogaster
FlyBase ID
Also Known As
c739-GAL4, c739, c739 GAL4, GAL4-c739
Inserted Element

GAL4 reporter/driver

Affected gene(s)
Viability / fertility
Associated allele(s)
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Genomic Location
Chromosomal Location
2L ( 39B4-39C1 )
Sequence Location
Target / Docking site
Member of Large Scale Dataset(s)
Detailed Mapping Data
Chromosome (arm)
Sequence Location
Cytological location (computed by FlyBase)
39B4-39C1 (near gene of known cytology)
Cytological location (reported)
40A (in situ hybridization reported)
Insertion into Natural transposon
Comments concerning location
Sequence Data
Flanking sequence
Inserted Element
Location-dependent role
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Associated alleles
Molecular map
Affected Gene(s)
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Alleles and Phenotypes
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Expression Data
Reporter Expression
No Assay Recorded
Tissue/Position (including subcellular localization)
distribution deduced from reporter (Gal4 UAS)
Tissue/Position (including subcellular localization)
adult mushroom body

Comment: strong expression


Comment: faint expression

Additional Information

Drives expression primarily in mushroom body structures at larval, pupal, and adult stages. Drives expression in only a few alpha'/beta' neurons.

Scer\GAL4NP0385 drives expression in neurons with cell bodies located lateral to the antennal lobes (AL). Some of the labeled neurons innervate the AL.

Scer\GAL4c739 labels the mushroom body alpha/beta neurons. Co-expression with presynaptic and postsynaptic markers labels distinct domains of Kenyon cell terminals in the calyx of the mushroom body.

Scer\GAL4c739 is expressed in a subset of cells in the adult brain, including the mushroom body alpha/beta neurons.

Scer\GAL4c739 drives expression in approximately 16 columnar neurons in the superior medial protocerebrum that innervate the fan shaped body.

Expression is limited to alpha and beta neurons in the adult mushroom body.

Expression of Scer\GAL4c739 is not evident in the alpha'-lobes, the beta'-lobes, or the gamma-lobes.

In early larval stages Scer\GAL4c739 is widely expressed in most of the Kenyon cells, and is seen throughout most axons of the pedunculus and mushroom body lobes in a pattern similar to Fas2. By third instar, expression becomes restricted to a small group of cells near each neuroblast whose projections pass through the inner layer of the pedunculus and lobes.

Expression of Scer\GAL4c739 in the alpha- and beta-lobes of the mushroom body is restricted in early and mid-pupal stages, but becomes extensive from late-pupal stage onwards. Gamma-lobe expression is extensive in mid-pupal stage, but is reduced by late-pupal stage and lost in adults.

In third instar larva, expression in central brain; in 2 longitudinal stripes in the ventral ganglion; in the pouch region of the wing and haltere discs; little or no expression in other discs.

Larval expression is observed in subset of Kenyon cells in each of four clusters, in the calyx, and the in the circumference of the pedunculus. In the second and third larval instars, expression is also observed in the cores of the α, α', β and γ lobes of the mushroom body.

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Salivary Gland Gal4
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