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General Information
D. melanogaster
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Also Known As
c772, C772-GAL4, c747, c747-Gal4, c772Gal4
Inserted Element

GAL4 reporter/driver

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2R ( 41F )
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41F (in situ hybridization reported)
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Alleles and Phenotypes
(Georganta et al., 2021, Worpenberg et al., 2021, Bozzato et al., 2020, Cattaneo et al., 2020, Serway et al., 2020, Phan et al., 2019, Roussou et al., 2019, Tzortzopoulos et al., 2019, Zhao et al., 2019, Turrel et al., 2018, Ueno et al., 2017, Cervantes-Sandoval et al., 2016, Gai et al., 2016, Petruccelli et al., 2016, Bai and Sehgal, 2015, Kirkhart and Scott, 2015, Zhang et al., 2015, Rusan et al., 2014, Singh et al., 2014, Yamazaki et al., 2014, Baggio et al., 2013, Devineni et al., 2013, Ishimoto et al., 2013, Li et al., 2013, Tamura et al., 2013, Chen et al., 2012, Kanellopoulos et al., 2012, Maiya et al., 2012, Majumdar et al., 2012, Sakai et al., 2012, Fitzsimons and Scott, 2011, Gouzi et al., 2011, Kang et al., 2011, Bates et al., 2010, Buchanan and Davis, 2010, Crocker et al., 2010, Hekmat-Scafe et al., 2010, Kosmidis et al., 2010, Papanikolopoulou et al., 2010, Pauls et al., 2010, Pauls et al., 2010, Tamura et al., 2010, Aso et al., 2009, Donlea et al., 2009, Liu et al., 2009, Moressis et al., 2009, Bolduc et al., 2008, Chen et al., 2008, Hong et al., 2008, Horiuchi et al., 2008, Pavlopoulos et al., 2008, Keleman et al., 2007, Krashes et al., 2007, Liu et al., 2007, Lu et al., 2007, Tzortzopoulos and Skoulakis, 2007, Yamazaki et al., 2007, Ferris et al., 2006, Grammenoudi et al., 2006, Joiner et al., 2006, Pitman et al., 2006, Sakai and Kitamoto, 2006, Reeve et al., 2005, Broughton et al., 2004, McGuire et al., 2004, Mershin et al., 2004, Presente et al., 2004, Suh et al., 2004, Astle et al., 2003, McGuire et al., 2003, Kitamoto, 2002, Rodan et al., 2002, Schwaerzel et al., 2002, Cheng et al., 2001, Dubnau et al., 2001, McGuire et al., 2001, DeZazzo et al., 2000, Waddell et al., 2000, Zars et al., 2000, Zars et al., 2000, Armstrong et al., 1998, Kraft et al., 1998, Manseau et al., 1997, Tettamanti et al., 1997, Connolly et al., 1996, Yang et al., 1995)
Expression Data
Reporter Expression
distribution deduced from reporter (Gal4 UAS)
Tissue/Position (including subcellular localization)
Additional Information

Drives expression in the mushroom body and mushroom body neurons.

Expression is found in only a few alpha'/beta' neurons.

Adult expression is observed weakly in a subset of antennal glomeruli, and more strongly in fibers in the antennomechanosensory tract, subsets of Kenyon cells in the lobes, calyx, and peduncle of the mushroom body, and in the central part of the median bundle. The ellipsoid body is labeled in most domains, possibly from R1 and R4 type ring neurons. A middle layer of the fan-shaped body is faintly labeled from a lateral type large field tangential neuron. Representative images can be seen Figures 4 and 5 of FBrf0127414.

Expression is highest in the mushroom bodies, but is generally widespread.

Scer\GAL4c747 expresses within a group of neurons connecting the tip of the gamma-lobe to the rostral area of the medial protocerebrum. It also expresses extensively throughout the adult central brain neuropil.

In late third instar larva, expressed in discrete spots in wing and legs discs; expressed in central brain and ventral ganglion.

Expression in adult brain primarily in corpora pedunculata (mushroom body).

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  • FBti0002935
  • FBti0004198
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