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D. melanogaster
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109(2)80-gal4, GAL4109(2)80, GAL4 109(2)80, md-GAL4, 109(2)80, GAL4109(2)80, 109(2)80 Gal4, Gal4 109(2) 80, 109(2)80Gal4
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GAL4 reporter/driver

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2L ( 25D )
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(Han et al., 2020, Song et al., 2020, Held et al., 2019, Lopez-Bellido et al., 2019, Wang et al., 2019, Kwon et al., 2018, Wang et al., 2018, Chung et al., 2017, Tsuyama et al., 2017, Lin et al., 2016, Sears and Broihier, 2016, Jang et al., 2015, Lee et al., 2015, Lin et al., 2015, Lin et al., 2015, Peng et al., 2015, Sterne et al., 2015, Tastekin et al., 2015, Guo et al., 2014, Mauthner et al., 2014, Shimono et al., 2014, Titlow et al., 2014, Swick et al., 2013, Tsuyama et al., 2013, Wong et al., 2013, Chen et al., 2012, Han et al., 2012, Jakubowski et al., 2012, Nagel et al., 2012, Tsubouchi et al., 2012, Karim and Moore, 2011, Kirilly et al., 2011, Kramer et al., 2011, Lee et al., 2011, Nguyen et al., 2011, Ping et al., 2011, Rumpf et al., 2011, Wang et al., 2011, Wang et al., 2011, Yang et al., 2011, Ye et al., 2011, Daubert et al., 2010, Johnson et al., 2010, Kazgan et al., 2010, Lin et al., 2010, Mattie et al., 2010, Nishimura et al., 2010, Djagaeva and Doronkin, 2009, Kirilly et al., 2009, Koike-Kumagai et al., 2009, Shimono et al., 2009, Dimitrova et al., 2008, Medina et al., 2008, Stone et al., 2008, Xu et al., 2008, Zheng et al., 2008, Garg et al., 2007, Hattori et al., 2007, Hughes and Thomas, 2007, Hwang et al., 2007, Jinushi-Nakao et al., 2007, Kimura et al., 2006, Medina et al., 2006, Parrish et al., 2006, Sweeney et al., 2006, Sweeney et al., 2006, Walker, 2006, Walker et al., 2006, Lee et al., 2005, Li et al., 2005, Rosenzweig et al., 2005, Li et al., 2004, Sugimura et al., 2004, Suster et al., 2004, Williams and Truman, 2004, Xu et al., 2004, Ye et al., 2004, Grueber et al., 2003, Lee et al., 2003, Li and Gao, 2003, Tracey et al., 2003, Grueber et al., 2002, Moore et al., 2002, Sweeney et al., 2002, Brenman et al., 2001, Gao et al., 2000, Gao et al., 1999)
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Additional Information

Drives expression in multidendritic and dendritic arborizing neurons.

Scer\GAL4109(2)80 drives expression in all dendritic arborizing neurons in pharate adults.

Scer\GAL4109(2)80 drives expression in the multidendritic neurons of the PNS (bipolar and class I-IV) and in multiple medial and lateral cells of the ventral nerve cord. Expression in the CNS is restricted to a few cells in the brain.

In late embryos, in PNS dorsal clusters of segments A1-A7, Scer\GAL4109(2)80 drives high levels of expression in all 6 md (multidendritic) neurons, one bd (bipolar dendrite) neuron, and one td (tracheal innervating) neuron; expression not observed in es (external sensory) neurons; high levels of expression in PNS lateral and ventral clusters, and in the procephalic neurogenic region.

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pan-da neuron GAL4
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