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General Information
D. melanogaster
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Also Known As
c587-Gal4, c587, c587GAL4
Inserted Element

GAL4 reporter/driver

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X ( 19E )
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Expression Data
Reporter Expression
distribution deduced from reporter (Gal4 UAS)
Tissue/Position (including subcellular localization)
Additional Information

Drives expression during early gonadal development in the inner ovarian sheath cells, and in the early follicle cells, but not in cap cells. Drives expression in somatic cyst cells in the adult testis.

During spermatogenesis, Scer\GAL4C587 drives expression in all early somatic cells at the apical tip of the testis, including cyst progenitor cells (somatic cyst stem cells) and cyst cells.

Scer\GAL4C587 drives strong expression in escort cells and weak expression in follicle cell precursors in germarium region 2b

Drives expression in escort stem cells, escort cells and early follicle cell progenitors in germarium region 1 and 2a and in early follicles in region 2b..

Expression is observed during early gonadal development in the inner ovarian sheath cells, and in the early follicle cells, but not in the cap cells.

Expression is observed in the somatic stem and somatic cyst cells of the adult testis.

Expression is observed in the somatic (but not germline) cells of the developing ovary.

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P{w+; c587-Gal4}
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